Did you know that watching a new film, episode, movie, or TV show on Netflix can increase your vocabulary and save time from wasting on watching TV instead of watching movies? Do you really need to be watching a new movie a lot? Most of the time, the question isn’t about what to watch and when to watch, but rather what to watch in the first place.

How can you start an Netflix addiction? Here are a few rules: Try to finish what you started, you wont get what you want if you get all caught up in the latest movies, TV shows, or new podcasts. Be self-centered and focus on what you want. Avoid TV’s that you think you ‘need’. Use social media. Stop thinking you need to fit in. Learn a new language or have a hobby.

A new world order of Netflix and Disney has come, which makes our new show, the most entertaining it has ever been. Join our ‘Netflix and Friends’ family, a diverse cast of characters including, Kate Upton, Chris Pratt, Nick Offerman, Patton Oswalt and more as they struggle through various personal obstacles. With the help of friends and well-meaning family members, they take the world by storm, becoming the best friends and family on the planet.


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