This is a blog post about the upcoming phenomenon of Frisbee in 2022 and why it’s the most influential trend of this decade. This is mainly due to its popularity on social media, both on Instagram and YouTube, as well as its relevance in today’s society. It also has an educational aspect with those who are interested in understanding what makes the game so appealing to so many people. 

A lot of people are turning to these websites and apps because they’re easy to use for anyone regardless of age or background.

1. Facebook

The first site that comes to mind when people think of pixel 3xl frisbee wallpapers is Facebook. The most popular feature on the app is definitely the videos. This section of Facebook allows users to upload their own videos onto the platform and share them with their friends and fans.  This is a great way to reach out to your target audience because this specific topic has a wide base of people who use Facebook for many different purposes =). There are many different types of videos you can upload, such as screen captures from movies and TV shows, clips from games, videos from events that happened at school or work, your own music videos (which I highly recommend) , etc.  

2. Instagram

I have to admit, I thought of Instagram first when I was trying to decide on which website to write this article on. Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps and is like your cinematic version of Facebook.  When you upload a video, it creates a specific profile for you depending on the theme that you choose for it.  This helps you out when showcasing your products or events because there are many different options depending on what type of products or how many people you want to reach out to with your posts. There are also filters that are available for videos, photos, and even text messages.

3. YouTube

The last website I wanted to showcase is YouTube because it’s the platform that has helped many people learn Frisbee. When I was in middle school, we watched a lot of educational content on YouTube. I started watching videos on how to play Frisbee because it was so difficult back then! This website has many different features that allow you to find specific products and even share your own with your friends. Below is a video on how to play this game with two discs!

The last feature that I want to show you about is my favorite, the trending section . You can use this feature to see what your target audience is interested in and start following their posts.

4. Twitter

Twitter is one of my personal favorites because it allows you to connect and interact with people from all around the world.  When you tweet about Frisbee, this specific topic has a wide base of people who are in your area of interest. When I was writing this article, a lot of the posts that I saw were coming from different people in California. This site is also very easy to use and even simplified platforms such as iOS and Android apps allow you to easily tweet with just one tap. You can also use hashtags to filterularly search for a hashtag that you want to find posts on.

5. Instagram

This is a large network of posts that not only help you stay updated about the latest news about Frisbee, but also find some great content to share.  This website is especially helpful for beginners because most of the posts are from people who are just starting out with this sport and want to learn more about it.  You can also post your own videos or photos onto this platform as well!

6. Reddit

I had been browsing through my Twitter feed and I saw one of my followers mention on a previous tweet that I should try this website out. He mentioned that there’s a subreddit section for Frisbee but after I looked through it, there weren’t many posts about this topic.  I was kind of disappointed because I like to know what’s going on in this community.  However, when I went back into the subreddit and looked at the sub-sections , it was full of different topics that they had created for this sport!  I found three sections that were specifically useful in finding content.  The first section was called “Current Disc Frisbee Discussions” and it only had one full post at the time, which was a video on how to throw and catch a disc.


There are a lot of different websites on the internet that revolve around the subject of Frisbee, whether it be for professional purposes or for personal interest. My main goal was to give you an overview of some of the following websites and apps that you can use to promote your products or yourself. 


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