Word Whizzle is a popular website where you can learn new words and expand your vocabulary. When it’s all said and done, it can lead to a more productive life. The only downside is that the site has its downsides, like the difficulty in gaining access to some of their courses or lessons when they are not free because they are members-only. This guide will show you how to bypass that hurdle. Cheats for word whizzle search is coming soon! It’s time for Word Whizzle users to take charge of their own education! 

With this informative guide on avoiding membership bans and secretly accessing members-only content, Word Whizzle users will be able to gain access at any time without spending money on membership (Yes!). This guide is for educational purposes only and we cannot be held accountable for any illegal activity. Please use this guide responsibly and if you want to learn more Word Whizzle strategies, check out the rest of our Word Whizzle cheat pages. The word whizzle apps are coming soon!

Difficult Things About Word Whizzle :

1. Membership :

For the most part, Word Whizzle has not been known to ban members. The only way to avoid membership is when you are a member of Word Whizzle and decide to transfer your account over to another device (like a laptop or tablet), but that’s pretty rare. 

If you are in this position, please visit our Word Whizzle guide on how to bypass membership bans (for your personal use only), especially with your mom or dad’s computer. That will help out a lot when it comes time for them to get their account back if they want their content.

2. Accessing certain courses :

This is an issue that occurs when a user tries to access a section which the user does not have access to. The problem is that if you go ahead and attempt to access those sections, it will redirect you away from the actual course and you’ll end up in a random course named “found-it-it-now” or something along those lines. This makes it confusing as to where you actually want to go, and it can be frustrating when you see one of these little notices at the bottom of your screen. This guide will show how to bypass these course restrictions without being banned.

3. Logging into the site :

If you try to log into WordWhizzle, you may get a message that says “You are not a member yet”. If this happens to you, we have a Word Whizzle guide on how to bypass this restriction. You can use this guide whenever you want to log in and browse the site. You won’t have access to all of their courses, but there will be some courses available for free so that’s okay!

4. Apparel :

If you visit the apparel section, you may find that all of the products are members-only. You also may also have a hard time navigating through a Word Whizzle app (for iPhone, iPad, or Android) in order to purchase anything. This is because you do not have access to that area yet behind that paywall with their “members only” button. We can help with this and will show you how to bypass this restriction without being banned without doing any illegal activity! This guide will provide solutions for those issues as well.

5. Using private Vocab Lists :

This is a huge issue with Word Whizzle. The issue is that you can’t access certain private vocab lists unless you are a member. This could be anything from an advanced list of uncommon words and words from other languages, to a really advanced list of extremely rare words that you never would have thought about using in everyday conversations. They do have these kinds of lists and you can only access them if you are a member, but we will show how to bypass this restriction so that you can browse the site and find some stuff too!

6. The Jumble :

If you visit the jumble section, it is also member-only content. You may see that there are hints for the jumble (the word scramble) but you will never be able to go ahead and do the jumble unless you are a member. This is also unfortunate because there are some really neat word scrambles in this section as well. 

These word scrambles are specific to certain lists that Word Whizzle has, which makes it even more unfair to people who don’t have memberships. In addition, there’s a cool little feature when you visit the jumble section where you can check how many letter combinations it would take just to get a single letter! Are they taking advantage of our laziness or what?

7. The Jumble Maker :

This is another cool feature that people would love to be able to use as often as possible, but users will only be able to use it if they are members. The jumble maker allows users to create their own word scrambles and play with them from the same section. This is a huge advantage for people who are good at creating word scrambles themselves, but not everybody is able to make the most out of this feature because it’s restricted for members only! We will show you how to bypass this restriction so that you can get more out of Word Whizzle too.


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