What is the odd sports word whizzle?

Future of odd sports word whizzle. One question to ponder is how many players will be in the all-time top 10,000 after this season? Will it be around 1,000 or 2,000 (1/10 as many)? What about a decade from now? 10 years from now? Will there still be any players from before 2000 in the top 10,000 at all? This is where I think the rankings are headed.  I have been thinking about what might happen if I started creating a new ranking for players with their scores for every game played and then ranked them according to how well they did. 

So this is basically a popularity ranking. Top 5000 for each game with the score for that game. Only games played years ago would have a number lower than 5000 and that numbers would go up as time goes on and the game scores are tracked down. If I did that right then when you played a game against someone and won it would increase their ranking but the person you lost to might not rank up because they didn’t play the same people who ranked you up but if you lost to them it may still help your ranking because they had a high score in previous games even though their current ranked position is lower.

Some more facts:

Some people might say that there are so many different games with different score counting methods that it doesn’t make sense to try to rank players by the score of their games but I disagree. It will be a lot easier. I can take a number of methods and average them out and compare the results which would help in finding the scoring systems that works best. I would have to decide what counts as “a game” but I think this may not be as hard as some people think. 

Currently there are over 1,000,000 servers on wordwhizzle and many of those servers have at least a few people playing on them most days right now. If wordwhizzle is still going 10 or 20 years from now then a lot of people will have played this game for a number of years. Also I don’t think the players will mind if their rankings drop by some amount to be less unfair to others. 

Another question is what game scoring system should be used. One that works well is the one that is used until they change it, I guess. That could be how well you did on the level you were playing, on average, multiplied by the number of words required to beat the level. As I say before another option would be taking an average of several systems and that would also work just as well. If they used the score of your game as the ranking system then you would have a number from past games that represents how good you are now. If you made even one word in your last 10 games then their is no chance that the person who beat you will make fewer words than you did, even if you get better. 

What are the benefits?

I think this would be a much better game ranking system than one that simply uses a popularity scoring system because it will give you a good idea of how much someone is improving overtime instead of just how big their fanbase is and if they do get a larger fanbase in the future then that doesn’t mean they are better. It gives equal weight to everyone, not just the ones who have a large fanbase or spend lots of money on advertising. Lastly I think this way of ranking people would be interesting to look at. I like games and so I want to see the rankings and maybe see what the top players are like. I guess if other players don’t like it I could just copy and paste this into another article.

I think that differently to most people I have a lot of interest in this kind of thing so I am going to start doing some research on this subject and see what is happening currently. Maybe someone else will want to do a similar thing where they are ranking the best players or maybe even a different ranking of what is the best game. And then there would be 10,000 odd sports rankings articles out there instead of one.

Are there any drawbacks?

The only drawback I can think of is when there isn’t enough information about the scores of a certain game. For example there might be games that were recently released with no information about their score and then there are also games that were quite old but you had to write in your TXT notes with your score so if you lost your TXT notes then you could lose your scores. Also they could change the score system for a game to be something else so that it wouldn’t show up in this ranking system. 


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