Bricktown Ice Skating is a one-of-a-kind destination for the entire family, featuring a rink that’s open year round and an indoor play area for when it gets too chilly outside. The ultimate Tulsa winter destination, Bricktown ice skating has been a Tulsan tradition for 53 years with no signs of slowing down! Stop by to grab some hot chocolate or enjoy some treats from our in-house ice cream shop. Whether you have kids or not, Bricktown Ice Skating is a can’t miss attraction this season. Bricktown ice skating is open from December through March. The ice rink is a great place for date night. 

The ice skating rink at Bricktown Ice Skating is the perfect place to enjoy an evening out with anyone you love! Whether it’s your significant other or a new friend, there’s lots of fun things to do on the ice and in the lobby before or after your time on the rink. You can take advantage of Bricktown Ice Skating’s drinks and snacks in-house, then go up to the second floor for pizza and soda before you head out! It’s all about finding what works for you! 

Bricktown Ice Skating’s in-house ice cream shop is open year round, so you can enjoy ice-cream treats when it’s cold outside, but warm enough at night when you’re in the rink. What a treat! If you want to get away from the cold on a hot summer day, visit Bricktown Ice Skating and cool off with a frozen yogurt treat or a smoothie. We have an entire menu of great treats available inside and on the second floor. The second floor is also great for kids! We’ve got some rocking swings and fun things they’ll love! You may want to take quick-turns around the rink to give yourself more time on the ice.

Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Bricktown Ice Skating :

1. You can bring your own camera. 

The unobtrusive, hands-free camera policies at Bricktown ice skating let you capture all the magic of your time on the ice. Also, if you forget your cell phone, no problem! There’s a convenient place to keep it on a shelf in the lobby.

2. It’s not just hockey skates allowed here. 

If you’re doing something new this year and are looking for some skating shoes to give it a try, don’t worry! You can rent skates at Bricktown Ice Skating that will work great for whatever type of skating you want to do including hockey skates or small inline skates.

3. There’s a good chance your kids will get cold. 

While the inside temperature at Bricktown ice skating is controlled, your little ones are likely to get cold before you know it. Luckily, you can grab them some comfy new clothes in the gift shop on site! There’s always a variety of warm winter clothing to choose from.

4. Renting the ice isn’t as pricey as you think. 

If you want to rent the ice at Bricktown Ice Skating, it’s not always as pricey as you might think! You can easily make reservations online. For example, a session on the ice that lasts half an hour will only cost you $15 per person. It’s definitely a better deal than getting hit with an admission fee at other city skating rinks.

5. The ice isn’t just for skating! 

During the colder months, visitors to Bricktown Ice Skating can rent the rink for birthday parties and private events! This is a really fun way to stay warm during events with friends and family.

6. There’s something for everyone at Bricktown Ice Skating. 

Bricktown Ice Skating is great for all ages, but there’s something everyone will enjoy. Girls love to get dressed up and go on the ice with their friends to practice skating moves. Boys love shooting pucks into the goal or trying to score in a competition of hockey games on the ice. Even little ones will have a blast playing classic games of skating tag that they can play while warming up on the rink and then check out our comfy new clothes in the gift shop afterwards! There’s lots of different types of seating throughout to accommodate all your needs as you enjoy your time here. Some seating is near the ice, while other seating is more private. Remember to bring your camera!

7. There’s a little something for all ages. 

The ice rink at Bricktown Ice Skating is also a great place for kids to skate and practice their moves. There are plenty of little ones who have fun on the ice, so it’s a great place to find some new friends who share your passion! Or, if you’re content with some peace and quiet while you skate, that’s okay too. This place has lots of little corners where you can relax and enjoy the scenery as skaters glide by or shoot some pucks into the goal.


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