Today, I’m really excited about the news of Rickey Stokes who passed away on Monday at the age of 89 (January 10th at the age of 90). Rickey was a great man and a true friend of our community. He will be greatly missed by everyone. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Stokes family.

Rickey’s family released a statement on their website this morning that their hearts go out to all of our community.

The statement says that Rickey Stokes died peacefully in his sleep at home on Monday evening. He was surrounded by his family and friends. He is survived by his wife Helen, his sons Robert and David, a daughter Janice and her husband Jeff, and the remaining members of his family.

Rickey and his family have been in contact with a number of media outlets and have asked for privacy as they grieve.

Rickey Stokes is the founder and former CEO of the Rickey Stokes company, which was created in 2000 by Rickey and his brother, Mike Stokes. In 2000, Rickey, a self-confessed “nerd-rocker,” was working at a computer store when he came up with the idea for the company, which became the world’s first electronic credit card system. The company has been acquired by Barclays, and Rickey Stokes was made CEO in 2010.

Mike Stokes founded the Rickey Stokes company in 2000, and was CEO and Chairman of the Board for nine years. Rickey Stokes was also on the board of directors of the American Health Care Association. The website for Rickey Stokes is here.

The website for Mike Stokes is here.

Stokes was a very successful CEO in addition to being the founder of Rickey Stokes. He also served as a board member for the American Health Care Association, a major health care trade organization. He was also a member of the board for the American Red Cross.

The story of Rickey Stokes is not new, but he was also the CEO of the American Red Cross. He founded the company in 2000. He took over a year to make the board a success. So it’s really a wonder he was a founder.

Rickey Stokes was not a very successful CEO. He was a bit of a jerk. He had a very hard time getting others to buy into his ideas and his board was a real pain in the ass to work with. When he finally did sell the company to the American Health Care Association, he was not that happy. In fact, he got a call from a lawyer asking him to immediately fire the entire board.


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