The partnership agreement between the partners is ultimately what determines the division of net income for a partnership. In general, net income means gross profit minus expenses and taxes. A separation of distributable net income should be disclosed to each partner, which could lead to disputes if not done correctly. This blog post will discuss how the distribution can occur based on different types of partnerships and some potential consequences that may arise from one type over another. Information about this partnership: The following information is about an example case study with fictional names and numbers used in place of real ones for confidentiality purposes only; it does not represent any actual facts or cases: This information was last updated on December 12th, 2017 at 9 am CST. This is the end of the long-form content. We recommend that you finish writing your draft before continuing to edit it, as editing a blog post while still in draft form may cause formatting inconsistencies. If you need help with where to find information or how to write about certain topics on this page, please reach out using our contact form and we will be happy to provide guidance!


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