Vertebrates are animals that have a spine and in some cases, an internal

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. This is why they are known as the “back-boned” creatures of the world. Vertebrates come from all sorts of environments – from freshwater to saltwater to deep ocean trenches. In this blog post, we will explore some vertebrate fossils found in deep ocean trenches! Deep ocean trenches are some of the most hostile environments in the world. The pressure can be over a thousand times that on land, and water temperatures stay below freezing year-round. The food chain is short, with few animals able to reach these depths and feed off one another. That means there aren’t many deep sea creatures living down here – but every now and then something makes it into this dark abyss! Any vertebrate animal unfortunate enough to find themselves at the bottom of an underwater trench will not get out alive without help from other species or unusual circumstances like earthquakes. __ have been found by humans who were exploring these submerged areas for their resources, such as oil reserves beneath them. These extreme environments often provide scientists with


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