It is a well-known fact that Sushi is America’s favorite meal for both casual dining and casual dining family. Even in Chinatown, one can often find the most beautiful Sushi that includes raw vegetable and teriyaki flavors. However, this is just one part of why Sushi has been so popular, which is the service and the dining.

With all the many benefits of Sushi, including the simplicity of a single dish and the ease of ordering it as a variety of different courses as opposed to trying to have it come together in exactly the order in which it should be served, more than likely Sushi will become more popular as well. In this blog we reveal some trends that are sure to be happening between the next two years.

In the past, Sushi served as a formal dining experience with a more traditional way of service. From what we can see, Japanese Sushi has evolved to offer more contemporary, modern service.


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