We all love to receive gifts for everyone in our family and friends. And while I certainly appreciate a company that understands I am responsible for my family’s finances and wants to help families stay on budget, I am not usually happy or satisfied with gifts that are sent to my family. I’ve been married 30+ years and I’ve only had 1 gift for my wife over the years.

Today we will be discussing 9 things every person thinks to be a great gift for someone else. Whether it is a new piece of furniture, a new gadget or an upcoming gadget, they all can be a great gift. I hope to see you at the next class on Wednesday morning.

For years I was a frustrated person. I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, and I certainly didn’t expect to get it, but it was enough. I was willing to give it a try and if I lost it, I wouldn’t worry what to do next, so I kept on trying. One day I got really surprised, really happy. I realized that this time I was determined to get what I wanted, so I took a chance.

There are a few things that everyone thinks is a great gift for someone else. Gifts like computers, new furniture, cell phones, electronics, and new clothes are things people think are great gifts. Other gifts are just things that are not necessarily for a specific person like furniture, toys, or clothing. That doesn’t mean those don’t exist.

We discuss 10 things you can give to someone today that will bring them the smile that they are yearning for. So much love going around… 1. I cant wait to see what gifts I receive from you… 2. I will say to my dad “How are you doing this weekend??” 3.

We will talk about the 10 things you can give to someone you already like. Everyone likes to be appreciated! For years Ive had a love for the Christmas season.


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