We are very excited to come together with 8HITR 2018 to share with you the most recent trends in Epic winner review software trends for the coming year. As we look forward to the coming year, we want to make sure that all our readers are able to find the top trends to choose from. To this end we are asking readers to give us your suggestions so that we can share with you the best software trends for the coming year.

Over the coming year, we want you share your ideas and comments so that we can come together to design a great software landscape for all participants. As we do in the past year, this year we would love to get some additional feedback from you. Please consider joining us and helping us design the best software landscape possible.

For your inspiration, as a reader and member of the software development community, we are giving you the opportunity to share your insight with the team and the general software community as we help to create the most innovative software landscape for 2017–2019. Be a great listener,You never know what I could come up with next, and we know we have to talk to you, we are here to listen to everything you have to share with us.

Here are 4 big trends for Software Development 2017 with some of the best software available in the market today. This was a trend which happened at last year’s annual meeting. We have to do with the big buzzwords like Agile, DevOps and Test Driven Development — it was also a trend which will soon be available in real life applications: Scary Scopes, a more accurate way for testing, and a more reliable way of delivering updates.

The importance of continuous deployment has risen to such a level that an estimated 30% of all software that will be deployed on a computer will be a complete rewrite just to get this feature out. This is a trend which will help us deliver software faster and smarter. In terms of testing, there has been a lot of hype about Continuous Testing over the last year, and we are really excited to hear it.

You should be excited about how amazing this year we could do things that we never thought possible! Our new blog will be all about Continuous Continuous Deployment and how this is the future of Software Engineering as we know it! Over the coming year, we would like to expand our knowledge of Continuous Deployment and introduce some exciting new capabilities as well as show you some new features, use cases, and learnings that we have been building around this for years.

You will see that we went against the trend of releasing every week a new tutorial about building things, and this is something we intend to change with our new blog.


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