A friend of mine just bought a really great hatchet for his birthday. Of course there are other types of tools around too but it’s the one he bought which has the capacity to cut down trees and has other wonderful uses… so why spend over 50, 000.00 after tax, tax included, on it? Here are the 5 best hatschet you can buy to help you save and grow…

Why you need to open your mind and be open to something new to be happy. Old blog: You might be the one who keeps opening new lines of communication to find out what’s wrong with each other, but how can you be a team and not be talking about new ideas? Be open to new ideas in life and work on your communication skills, to be more productive. 1. Acknowledge your own faults, we all have our own personal flaws and weaknesses.

“I think everyone has some shortcomings, if you’re single, you have none, if you’re married you know the ones that make the rest of us miserable.” Old blog: It is just a joke that everyone has a “negative” personality. The problem isn’t with the individual, it’s against a “culture.” We can learn to deal with the negatives… New blog: You don’t need to have this attitude all the time.


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