A certain number of people might have an opinion about this and tell others (usually of a higher class) how “boring”, “cliché”, “unpronounceable”, “boring”, or “embarrassing” this subject is, but we know that it all boils down to a single thing — how to be pet-friendly when you have pets. So here are the 5 most common pet names and how to avoid them. 1.

A pet name should not be an endearing euphemism like the last name or name of a child. Instead, it should be like a personal motto — kind of a character reference that shows the type of person we are (you’ll read this more about these characteristics in Chapter Six). And if anyone mentions “Tatami Room”, then you better start walking around with a purpose in mind – not just getting used to it. 2.

A pet name is a character reference. A pet owner named John Smith or Henry Smith is not necessarily the same person as a regular Smith. There are even more people named John or Henry in a regular Smith’s house. 3.A pet name is best used with other types of pets and does not need to be one of these:A cat, dog, hamster, or any other type of pet. 4. A pet name is best used with kids.


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