The fast-paced business community is quickly changing and evolving in all sorts of ways. In the near future, a great deal of our time will be spent engaged in a great deal of complex and fast-paced, online activities. One way that people will be increasingly interacting these days in a globalized environment, is via social media platforms, e.g., platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

These social media platforms, along with technology, are a fast, efficient way to express ourselves. When a user’s Facebook account is connected to a photo or tweet, he/she is literally broadcasting his/her ” thoughts, ideas or ideas about an entity, a person, a thing, or a person to another person.

In order for someone to connect and exchange ideas with others on these platforms, a message must be sent in a manner that is polite, respectful, and respectful the other person’s space and time. A couple of common words that one would use when composing a message to connect to another online social media platform include, “Hey, I am thinking about you”, “I’m leaving you a message”, and “Hello, I was thinking of you”.

It used to be fairly common for someone to say Hello. With the advent of online social media tools, this no longer happens. We may not all be as familiar with the concept of ‘Helshe’, but with the expansion of these online platforms along with advancements in communication between peers and online acquaintances have made it so easy to form strong bonds with others. In fact, we can connect to someone so casually and instantly from our home, office, or on the metro.


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