People who are frustrated with the Scribbles software that Apple and Microsoft make can simply turn to Scribbles software. The software is being made by The Brutal Truths Software Inc, the creator of the Scribbles software and it was recently granted a patent. While the patent claims are pretty short, its implications are pretty chilling. For example, the patent states the following.

The following short clip shows that, even in a free software program such as Scribbles, Apple and Microsoft have an “intrinsic conflict of interest” because the Scribbles software could provide some benefits to another company while harming Microsoft. What this essentially means is that, if the “public” in the software company gets their hands on data that is not under control, the company could lose that data.

While it may not sound like much of a secret, it has actually been made public in multiple sources within Apple and Microsoft. This video will show you that this is probably the case. So what are the real secrets?? First of all, if you have any sensitive information in your computer you have probably been warned of its possible exposure to hackers but it usually isn’t done.

The following 15 brutal truths about Scribbles software will make you more aware of it, so take note of how you use your computer. The bottom line for most people is that they will be paying these companies in the long run, so they can not afford to make the mistake Microsoft and Apple do. And of course if you are willing to make that mistake, then you have to be willing to be exposed to whatever they are sending you.

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