When we start to feel the pressure of being squeezed to the breaking point, it is natural to take stock of how we spent our time in the past 24 hours and think about our day to day activities. For that reason, we may ask ourselves, “what have I done today that will result in a situation where I end up in need for emergency help?” What usually ends up happening is a call of help or the arrival of a 911 for someone who couldn’t be helped for some reason.

Many people ask, what is the best way to spend an afternoon? The answer is to do something you enjoy. Whether it is something you do every day or something that only you do, you are in control of how you spend your time. So when you answer a call of help, or attend to an emergency, remember, when you get your emergency help, you can have a much smoother time of your day.

If you are an employee and your coworkers are having issues with their jobs then consider what happens when a problem is not solved within a reasonable amount of time. At this moment, it is not easy for them to let go and resign. They have to give themselves more time. You can have a more pleasant working experience if you take a moment and put your troubles on the backs of others than you do when you stand and make yourself look good in front of your coworkers.


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