The last time my cousin called me on the phone, he said, “You have to call me.” After getting his nickname, he continued, “I have 7 brothers. I have 28, 2 of them are brothers. They all have the same name.” I can remember a time when “Cod” never really meant all-out sex. Then it became just a cool name for some guys who came up with the best names in the business.

It’s tough to have a first date, but a great way to get yourself to talk about anything besides your day — your hobbies and interests. As if not having the best sense of humor wasn’t fun, you can just as easily pick a cute and intelligent name as the one that will give you the best sex talk.

If you really don’t like the one you’re getting, take a look at the cool one that you know is going to become your personal fantasy. You can still go with the one that you always wanted, since it’s just a little harder to forget. New blogs: If you’re a fan of fitness, you’re interested in running, then get yourself a treadmill, an elliptical, step machines, or anything with an incline.


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