We’re going to talk about new “Best Buy” New Orleans now. In 2017 the company reported about $14.6 billion in revenue for 2017. Here’s one thing we know about this store: they offer a 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year repair-and-maintenance service.

How do I know? I have the store and experience for this. I have been going to Best Buy since 1999 and I never had one question asked that I was not able to answer. So I am here to say they will never, ever, ever disappoint! That one thing you didnt get when the store opened? No one came in.

There is certainly something else about this store that makes it a great buy. It is called “customer service.” It is actually a place for your neighbor who has a good reputation to use as an opportunity to show off his customer service.

I am writing this blog post on behalf of Best Buy who does a lot for its customers. So to get your business on the front page of this blog I need at least one question that you don’t already know the answer to.

My goal is to provide the best shopping experience in the history of shopping from Best Buy. I want each Best Buy customer and their family to have that special day where the entire family can enjoy the best of America through the lens of consumerism. I will share the details of this great experience and how it can be achieved at our store. New blog: I’ve been a customer of Best Buy for almost three years.

You may remember last year when the company announced that they were going to be moving several stores from the South to a new location in Central Alabama with a new, expanded parking lot and retail space for Best Buy there. The new store would be the sixth location in the Southeast, and the company would be opening its newest stores in Alabama each year. It was a large part of the local news coverage of the company as it announced opening of the new store.

We will get to the news, but for us the excitement over the new store was all the news. As one of the reporters from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, I was able to get all the information that was gathered about the new store on the big TV network, CBS, but it is more interesting to talk about Best Buy itself.

For years before there were three Best Buy stores in South Florida. In 2010, Best Buy opened their largest store in South Florida at the Mall of America (which is across the street from where our family was born and will always be our second home at this location).

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