There is no doubt about it- sugar doesn’t taste as good as it looks. This is especially true if you’re dealing with sugar overload from holiday parties, barbeques, potlucks, etc. So if you’re looking for the best candy thermometer, you need to look no further.

As it says on the label, this thermometer has the capacity to tell you what it temperatures itself when it comes in contact with sugar and fat. The only problem is, the directions state to heat it to 212 F for 2 minutes. Which leaves many readers of this blog guessing.

The thermometer is best used with small quantities of sugar and/or fat and is an excellent tool for the novice and expert alike.

This thermometer is a bit of an oddity. It is actually a thermometer with a sugar thermometer on it. What makes this thermometer particularly attractive is that it comes with a sugar and/or fat thermometer printed on the outer part of the thermometer. This means that the user can be sure that what temperature they read is the actual temperature.

How to Read Me I will continue the trend of being on the cutting edge of science, nutrition, fitness, and healthy living. I will not fall into the trap of following outdated recipes or even basic science. I will share real science. A couple of weeks ago, I was getting ready for a night out with friends and noticed that all of the cups in my coffee maker were inverted. I also noticed that the coffee maker was about half full before I had even picked up my cup.

I guess a little background might make this a little easier to explain:I have always had a problem with my coffee maker. I tend to get hot cups almost every single morning. I have tried many different methods, including taking it apart and cleaning it more often. All of these methods however, have not produced results.

10 Fun Ways to Cook a Brownie Old blog: The best way to cook a brownie is this easy recipe. I have found a few variations that I like. You can swap out the vanilla for almond milk as the milk adds the sweetness but the taste is the same. New blog: I learned this recipe from my mom. It takes very little prep work and even gives the brownie that lovely golden brown surface every time you make them.


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