If you’ve never created locs before, we hope this post gets you excited about the prospect of wearing them. Locs are an ancient and time-honored protective style typically worn by black women in Africa, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t enjoy them. Locs can be done on any hair type as well as any length or texture of hair, from straight to curly. Short butterfly locs with color is a great option for a variety of reasons, as you’ll see in this post.

For those who have never created locs before, we’ll show you the tools that are essential to “getting it done” and the basic steps necessary to achieve short butterfly locs with color. We’ll also discuss some of the various ways that people wear and style “short” locs.

When deciding to get locs, the first thing to consider is your hair type. If you have short hair, it’s a pretty straightforward process. The most crucial issue is how much of your hair you want to put in the locs. Do you want short or long locs? How many locs do you want? And, how long does your hair have to be to create them?

Short hair that’s at least three inches long is needed for short butterfly locs with color. At this length, you’ll need to decide whether your style should be more like a mullet (long in the back and shorter in the front) or if it should be an even length throughout.

Basic Tools You Will Need To Make Short Butterfly Locs With Color :

1. Hair Elastic:  

You’ll need two elastic bands at the very least. We recommend purchasing a variety pack of elastics because they come in many sizes and colors, which is nice if you end up wearing your hair out on a regular basis. Some folks love their locs so much that they wear their elastics even when they’re not in their locs. Having a variety pack will help you find the right size for your hair, especially if your locs are short. In the types of locs below, the wearer has very short hair, so she didn’t need more than two elastics. 

The most important thing to remember is that you should buy an elastic that’s not too tight or too loose. If it’s too tight, it will cause your scalp discomfort and may cause headaches. On the other hand, if your elastic is too loose, there will be gaps between your locs and your scalp could be more susceptible to dryness and itching. The most common sizes used are 5/8″ (smallest) through 1-1/2″ (largest), so find something in that range.

2. Comb:

You’ll need a small, sturdy comb. If you don’t have one already, it’s possible to find combs at the dollar store or craft store. There are also combs that come in bulk for about $4 each at your local beauty supply store or online. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this item as you’ll only be using it once or twice, so a dollar store comb is completely suitable and will work just fine.

3. Hair Ties: 

Hair ties are used to secure the ends of your locs together in a ponytail, while securing the elastic band in place on your head. To make hair ties, you can use cotton, polyester, or silk. You don’t need anything fancy; just find something that’s durable and holds your hair well. If you have curly locs , find something in a color or blend that’s complementary to your locs.

4. Lace Clips:

You’ll need at least three clip-style lace clips to hold your elastic in place while styling your locs. Look for clips that have small tops with little interlocking loops on the bottom so they keep the top of the clip securely together when they’re closed (not just on one side). Also, find clips that are the same color as your hair ties.

5. Styling Comb:

A styling comb is optional, but if you have one that has a handle like the one pictured above, you may find it easier to use than a regular comb. On its own, a regular straight-edge comb can be slippery and difficult to use when trying to make small parts in your locs because it’s not ergonomically designed for this purpose. 

Styling combs were originally created for styling hair in cornrows or other styles where straight edges are needed. The most common design is a 3″ wide handle and a straight-edged comb with long teeth for making the classic “thick” part. Some have teeth that are slightly curved so they can be used to separate small parts of your locs. Just like with any other type of styling tool, if you find that you don’t need one, an ordinary comb will work fine in short butterfly locs with color as well.

6. Combination Wrench:

Combination wrenches are tools used to tighten or loosen screws or nuts that are threaded into bolts and fittings. They come in different shapes and sizes (not all wrenches are the same).


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