“Rothys Returns is an innovative, forward-thinking return organization that has led the way in order fulfillment and marketing. The company’s dedication to its customers is evidenced by its commitment to never use mass email as a marketing technique, instead opting for a personalized email approach.” The newest addition to Rothy’s returns ‘ unique customer service arsenal is the company’s SnapChat account. SnapChat allows users to send photos or short video messages called “snaps” which can be viewed for up to ten seconds before disappearing into cyberspace. According to their website, the purpose of SnapChat is to “use Snapchat to increase customer interaction and retention.” The videos and photos are discreet, with no direct links to RothysReturns or the products being advertised. 

RothysReturns chose SnapChat because it can be used in both personal and business environments. While its small screens are ideal for sharing photos or video messages with friends and family, they can also be used in work related settings without potential embarrassment or security issues. But SnapChat isn’t just a tool for some random company that needs a platform for posting promo messages to their customers.

Seven Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Rothys Returns Is Using This Technique For Exposure :

1. Creative Strategy

SnapChat is a unique marketing tool that can be used for exposure. RothysReturns has already given the tool a new twist by using it as a way to interact with customers as opposed to simply promoting their product. It’s essentially people watching in a photo or video format. And if you’re going to go out of your way to follow someone on SnapChat, whether it’s celebrities, Rothys Returns or anyone in between, the least they can do is give you something interesting to look at.

2. Broadcasting Tool

SnapChat also provides companies with another outlet for sharing content that isn’t usually seen on other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. One of the main differences between SnapChat and other social media sites is that it is considered to be a closed network, which means that not just anyone can view or post on your account. 

In order to “subscribe” to one of these accounts, you must send the person who runs it a request via their snapcode which can be found on their website or in any other location with an internet connection. This is an excellent marketing strategy for companies that are looking for another way to garner interest from possible customers without having to include them in every single post on their other social media platforms.

3. Customer Relationships

By using SnapChat, RothysReturns is making an effort to build a more personal relationship with its customers. Though it’s not everyday where you get to see celebrities and CEOs posting videos or photos of themselves leaving their bedroom, there is a benefit to the service and that is the ability to interact directly with them on an even more personal level than we are used to. 

RothysReturns is banking on this feature being something that will increase their customer retention and provide better exposure for their products. As always, it all comes down to how willing customers are going to be for such unconventional marketing strategies.

4. Increasing Interest in Their Other Social Media Platforms

Given the fact that SnapChat is a closed network and that their products can only be viewed by people who have a reason to be interested in them, this increases the chances of maintaining relationships with customers that they have established in other social networks. SnapChat is essentially an extension of the customer service team and their blogs on other marketing platforms.

5. Constant Marketing Strategy

Whenever you are on any social media platform, your attention is going to be divided between posts, status updates and numerous other activities. By using SnapChat, RothysReturns is finding another way to increase their company’s exposure without it being such an obvious distraction to their customers while they are online. You can interact with the SnapChat account and still engage in other activities at the same time.

6. Effective Marketing Strategy

The use of SnapChat has proven to be an effective marketing strategy for RothysReturns because it has helped them gain more exposure for their products. In a recent interview on PR Web (a leading online news source), Michael Roth, CEO of RothysReturns, said “By using this app, we’re able to share our product with those who wouldn’t normally be interested in browsing our website. We really like the idea of reaching people in their own environment.” This just goes to show that even though SnapChat is a new way for businesses to advertise, it’s still effective when used properly.

7. Cost Effective Marketing Strategy

SnapChat is an excellent marketing tool in part because it’s free and doesn’t require any additional hardware or software. The only thing that you will need is a cell phone and a working data plan- which are both things that most people already have access to. This can be seen as an advantage in terms of cost effectiveness because not only is it free but customers are able to interact directly with the SnapChat account owner without any other unnecessary interruptions.


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