If you use Snapchat often, there’s a chance you might have seen some of these prank apps. They’re all designed to fool your friends into thinking something is a real app that’s been released by Snapchat itself! The Snapcode Scanner is a classic April Fool’s joke and worries about scfans.shop legit that you’ll probably see again this year, as well as some of the other apps below. Comment and let us know which ones you’ve fallen for!

8 Snapchat Scam April Fools

1- SnapCode Scanner: 

A lot of people have fallen for the SnapCode Scanner. While this prank app can be downloaded from the usual sources, it’s not really an app that will work. Receive personalized codes from celebrities, friends and brands that take your selfies to the next level (it actually sends them back!). Plus get exclusive access to their snapchats before it officially launches later this month. This app is a classic April Fools prank – it won’t actually be released, and Snapchat will never give out custom codes to people.

2- Bad Snap:

Bad Snap allows users to choose from a variety of popular Snapchat filters to find the one that best represents how they’re feeling at that moment. The choices range from the classic and adorable puppy face, to the moody and dark black-and-white filter. Spend the day taking selfies, getting boops or talking with friends in this snapchat experience where you can’t tell who is laughing at you…but they are. This app will also be a classic April Fools joke made by Snapchat as it doesn’t exist – but if it DID exist, then your friends would be enjoying it without ever knowing!

3- Kanye’s Eye:

This app will be a classic April Fools prank, as it is no longer available to download from the Play Store. Snap Inc announced this app after Kanye West posted a snap of his eye on social media. Are you an early adopter? Get Snapchat’s first look at the latest technology to grace your eyes – Kanye West’s eye. You’ll never guess what it does, but we’re sure it will be something amazing. This app uses Giphy, Twitter and Facebook to create a 360 degree selfie that shows Kanye with his eyes closed. This is just another April Fools prank and you’ll see it again at some point to be fooled again for the 7th time this month.

4- Bunny:

A new filter that helps Snapchatters discover new friends. They’ll see who has bunny ears on and you won’t. This app is not real and it will never be made – because it looks like a privacy violation. This app uses Snapchat’s live filters to make your face look like it’s been distorted by a cartoon bunny! The app also puts you in the center of a giant cartoon circle, so others only see you from the edge of their screen.

5- Boof: 

Get buffed with animated emojis inside Snapchat.  Boof is actually a word you might hear in college and it means to fart, so this app is another April Fools prank that does what it says on the tin. Have you ever been boofed? This app is the first of its kind, the perfect boofing experience delivered to your fingertips. Just select your friend at the center of this circle and then strengthen your wrist to release a slap in their face! This is a classic April Fools prank from Snapchat and you’ll absolutely see it again this year.

6- Shyp:

Shyper is a service for sending and receiving the shoes you want to your feet in seconds. This app is another classic April Fools prank and you’ll see it again at some point this month. This app will make it super easy for you to send people a snapchat message. Using this app, you can simply hold up your phone to take a selfie, record yourself or even send in a video! They’ll instantly get it, without ever needing to open Snapchat.

7- SnapKid:

This app turns Snapchat into a fantastic game for kids. The future is here, as this app allows you to create a Snapchat story that looks like it was made by a child. It’s a brilliant way to show younger kids how to use this fun app, without exposing them to more bad language and more mature content…

8- Shuffle:

Have some fun with these stickers and emoji that let anyone record a video that can be saved and played back later! Make it one big video using these filters, or just save each individual part of it to your camera roll. This app uses Giphy, Twitter and Facebook in order to add fun animation and filter effects to your images. This is another April Fools prank from Snapchat and will be a popular one!


So there you have it! 8 Snapchat Scam April Fools! Comment and let us know which ones you’ve fallen for! Note: If you’d like a specific app to be featured here, please let us know in the comments below. Until then..happy April Fools!


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