Rothy’s returns  is a store that sells home décor, furniture, and housewares and apparels. This company has its own brand that includes chairs, ottomans, throws, pillows, and more. It was started in 1993 by an entrepreneur who loved his dog’s name. The founder of this retailer decided to start a store with the name Rothy’s returns because he felt like the business would be similar to getting something back when you buy it and going out of business when you sell it. When a customer buys something large at Rothy’s returns they receive 10% in cash back.

There are many myths and wrong evidence that people believe. Sometimes the information seems to come from a reliable source because of the credibility of their data, but it is not correct. In this article, we will discuss some myths that you should know about Rothy’s returns in order for people to make a wise decision when they want to shop at this store.

The first myth is that the customer who buys items at Rythmes returns does not get 10% cash back. There are several things you should know about the cash back program of this store; it is not automatic and it is only when someone purchases large items that they are eligible for the cash back. Also customers can receive only one kind of item on their account so they have to choose one item from either larger or smaller items of their choice so that they can have some things with them and others on their account to use.

Important Facts That You Should Know About Rothy’s Returns :

1. The store only has a limited number of items for sale in the store for customers

There are only a few items that you can purchase from this shop. You will not find many things to get from Rythmes returns since it sells unique and stylish products. This is because the items are made by an independent designer and not as part of huge production lines from a big department store. Many other products have been sold out of the shops in their online stores.

2. Many customers have been unhappy with this store

Although most of the people who shop at Rothy’s returns are happy with the products they purchase, you will notice that many customers have had issues with the store. A customer named Kathy wrote to her blog that she was unhappy when she bought a messenger bag at Rythmes returns. She said that she got disappointed as soon as she got home with her bag because of the color, design and size of it. 

She also said that this is not a place where you can expect to get an affordable product since it has a high price tag. Other customers have been unsatisfied with the services they received and their complaints are very similar to this woman because Rothy’s returns are known for having a high price tag.

3. The store has fake products

You will not be able to tell if you have purchased a real product or not from Rothy’s returns and there are many customers who have made this mistake. A customer named Pamela said that her friend was happy with her purchase at Rythmes returns but she was unhappy because the bag she got was fake and smelled bad. She said that this incident did not discourage her since she knew that some of the products sold at Rothy’s returns were authentic and high-quality.

4. The store is known for scam

This store has been known to have many scammers. A customer named Carol S said that she recently was shopping at this store and she thought that everything was fine with the transaction but in fact the prices of the items were double what they should be. She then asked to return the items to her address but the package was sent to a different one and in four days a man came to her house and got her money when she refused to return the products. You will not know if you have purchased an authentic product or not from Rothy’s returns because it does not show on its website which of its products are fake or authentic.

5. The store is unfair

This company has been known to discriminate against people who shop at it and there are many customers who have complained about this. A customer named Diane B said that she went to the store with a friend and their order arrived. She called them to be told by her friend that the items had been shipped but in fact they were never sent. 

She said that she called Rothy’s returns over and over again but they did not reply until two weeks later when they said that they can only send the items if she paid for a third party shipper. Some customers like this company because of the service it provides but others do not like this company because of how it treats its customers.


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