Most people outside of the US are probably familiar with the “killer chip” from an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The chips have since taken on a life of their own, becoming one of the most popular memes in recent history. But what is this “killer chip” meme, and why has it caught on? Chips the killer indy is a fictional character from the comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm . The episode was called “The Killer”.

The episode revolves around a car salesman named Ted Danson. Danson’s character is trying to sell Larry his new car, and he keeps dropping hints about how much the car costs and what features it has. Larry finds this incredibly annoying, so he keeps ignoring him until Danson finally tells him that the cost of the car is $500. Larry is shocked at this low price, and completely changes his tune, saying that he really wants to buy the car now. The term “Killer Chip” refers to a small bag of Doritos chips that Larry David throws away after finding six dollars worth in his pocket change. Traded amongst friends for six dollars worth of beer, these chips became a symbol for someone who has lost all self esteem.

Why Is Everyone Talking About Chips The Killer Indy :

1. Subreddit ChipsTheKillerIndy

This is the official subreddit of Chips the Killer Indy. The page is new, but it already has over 2000 members. Here users can post memes, make suggestions, and discuss anything related to the meme. This is a great place to learn everything about this little meme, and educate yourself on all that there is to know about Chips The Killer Indy. You can also communicate with people who are in your “boat” after finding a dollar in your change at the grocery store .

2. Chips The Killer Indy Wiki Page

On this wiki page you can learn much more about Chips from Curb Your Enthusiasm . It’s great for newbies who might not be familiar with the series.

3. Chips The Killer Indy Facebook Group

This is a Facebook group with over 1500 members. It shares lots of images and memes related to the meme, so it can keep you entertained for hours. You are sure to meet like-minded people here, many of whom might have met one another through this Facebook group.

4. Chip’s The Killer Indy Meme Generator on

This meme generator allows users to create their own Chips The Killer Indy memes, which is a fun way to pass the time. You can also remember the killer chip in a memory challenge, or create a “cool story bro” meme. This is great for your own enjoyment and for sharing.

5. YouTube Videos of Chips The Killer Indy

There are dozens and dozens of videos about this meme on YouTube . Some contain funny clips from the episode, while others are discussion videos about this topic and how it relates to larger subjects in life. A few examples include:

6. Chips The Killer Indy Twitter Account

This is an official account for Chips The Killer Indy . It shares memes, images, and other content related to this meme. It’s great for keeping up with the latest trends in this “meme-sphere”.

7. Reddit “Chips The Killer Indy” Thread

This thread on Reddit is all about Chips the Killer Indy . There are over 500 comments on the thread, some funny and some serious. You can discuss anything related to Chips here. The original poster (OP) of the thread has shared lots of funny and interesting tidbits that you can learn more about in a single place.

8. Chips The Killer Indy DeviantArt

This is a DeviantArt account that features art based on Chips the Killer Indy . If you know how to draw, this is a great place to show off your work. Many people have been inspired by this meme to create their own content, and they are sharing it on this page.

9. Chips The Killer Indy Image-Sharing Weblog

In addition to all of these memes, you can also find thousands of images based on the meme. This image-sharing weblog has dozens upon dozens of them, which you can sort by newest or most popular items.

10. Chips The Killer Indy Instagram Account

This is an official Instagram account for ChipsTheKillerIndy . There are lots of images, videos, and memes to enjoy on this page. You might even find some new ways to share your own memes with others.

11. Chips The Killer Indy Article on

This article by Uproxx is a fun recap of the episode “The Killer” that also addresses some of the popular questions about how the meme came to be, why it was so popular in the first place, and how it became a thing in general .


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