Did you know that the first ever champion in the comedy category on “Star Search” was a man named Mark McKinney? Mark McKinney is most well-known for his role as Dennis Reynolds on TV Land’s “The Last Man on Earth” and he is one of the best comedians out there today. So let’s take a look back at the beginning of comedy and see who became the first grand champion!

Who got his big break by becoming the first grand champion in the comedy category on “star search”? Mark McKinney

Mark McKinney was born on June 1, 1961 in Toronto and has been a fantastic comedian ever since his start. In college, Mark began to perform at the UCB Theater. He was considered one of the best comedians by all of his peers. The UCB Theater is where he met Bob Odenkirk. They would later go on to perform together on “Mr Show” and other comedy routines.

About life of Mark McKinney :

1. Mark McKinney’s Favorite Food.

Mark’s favorite food is pizza. He likes pepperoni or sausage on his pizza pizzas as well, but he avoids pineapple in any kind of pizza! He also likes eating oatmeal on a rainy day, as long as it isn’t mixed with raisins, which he hates!

2. Mark McKinney’s Favorite Movie.

Mark does not have a favorite movie per say but he loves going to see any action movie that comes out. His favorite type of movie though is one where there is no specific genre and can be just about anything! He has only seen one romantic comedy that he liked and it was called “Say Anything” .

3. Mark McKinney’s Opinion on the movie “Spaceballs”.

Mark was surprised by how much he loved “Spaceballs”. He had heard that it was a very funny movie, but he never considered himself a Mel Brooks fan. He was surprised that he actually loved the way he was able to make fun of so many different movies and genre while still making a funny movie in itself!

4. Mark McKinney’s Hobbies.

Mark is extremely active when it comes to having fun and being involved in activities that interest him. His favorite hobbies include running, hiking, biking, reading, computer games, golf and traveling.

5. Mark McKinney’s Favorite Song.

Mark’s favorite song is “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton. This song was very popular in the 80s and it is still considered one of the best songs of that decade! Mark also really enjoys listening to the music of John Prine and Bearhouse 5.

6. Mark McKinney’s Favorite Book.

Mark is an avid reader and he can always find the time to read whenever he gets the chance. His favorite book is “A Separate Peace” by John Knowles. He has also read “A Confederacy of Dunces” and “The Great Gatsby” in which he greatly enjoyed!

7. Mark McKinney’s Favorite Food Dish.

Mark’s favorite food dish is seafood. He especially loves shrimp and he also enjoys oysters when they are cooked properly.

8. Mark McKinney’s Favorite Family Memories.

Mark has many favorite memories involving his family, the most prominent of which are vacations and holidays spent together as a group. He loves going on family trips to the beach or even just spending time at home sitting in front of the fire listening to music and cooking together. His family is so important to him that he often uses them as inspiration for his creative writing!

9. Mark McKinney’s Funniest Childhood Memory.

Mark recalls the most hilarious memory from his childhood as when he was about 6 or 7 years old and he was playing with his older sister. She had a blanket, and she decided to wrap it around her leg and pretend that she had “pancake” on her. As she bent over to pick up the pancake off the ground, Mark creeped up behind her and stepped on her foot! This caused the blanket to fall off of her leg completely exposing that it was actually underwear! She then ran away crying saying “Marky Marky Mark” in fear.

10. Mark McKinney’s Favorite Music Genre.

Mark’s favorite type of music is indie rock. His favorite bands include Wilco, of Montreal and Tom Waits. Mark also really enjoys listening to the music of Frank Sinatra and Little Feat.

11. Mark McKinney’s Last Favorite Movie He Watched.

Mark watched the movie “Juno” within the past year and he liked it very much! It was a great movie about how difficult it can be to grow up in today’s society as well as being a teenager. It also had a great soundtrack! All in all, it was just a funny, sweet and touching film that he stands by!

12. Mark McKinney’s Dream Job.

Mark hopes that one day he will make it as a novelist. He loves writing and is considered to be a very good writer in his own right, but he would like to write for a living!


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