Where do you turn when your students are struggling with COVID-19 assessment? What do you do when they can’t grasp even the most basic of concepts? If a traditional textbook doesn’t suffice, then look no further than sources byju 1b 15b.

You can learn how to help them by signing up for a free account today! We have abundant math problems and exercises for all levels, detailed subject-specific information on COVID-19 topics, and interactive tutorials that will make your teaching effortless. And it’s all from the comfort of your own home.

1. Solve math problems

You can find a variety of math problems from basic to advanced on our website. We also have a large collection of questions on each topic, so you can review any time. By practicing daily, your students will quickly return to their baseline abilities.

2. Understand the basics all over again

Now, we all know that concepts are far easier explained by someone who has them down pat. That’s why we’ve created videos that provide step-by-step instructions for the most important COVID-19 topics. Watch the videos, and your students will be back on track!

3. Look through comprehensive solutions

If you’re still having trouble helping your students, then look through our instructor-created solutions for each problem. We use step-by-step instructions and detailed screenshots to help you pinpoint the issue and find the best solution. We also have other answers that aren’t necessarily the most efficient but will at least get your students moving in the right direction.

4. Track results and measure improvement

If you’re planning to use Byju’s education material to evaluate students’ progress, then you can easily do so with just a few simple tools. Keep track of the students’ scores, and check out their answers will see their mastery level improve significantly. You can also recommend individual solutions as a way of identifying what your students need the most help on.

5. Find answers with ease

In addition to our website, we also have an online tool for finding answers called Batch Solvers . This is where you submit your problem to get instant responses from our team of experienced tutors. If you or your students are still having trouble getting through the basics, then this is a great option.

6. Watch videos at 2x speed

Did you know that you can watch videos at two times the normal speed? This can help get information to your students quicker, which means they can learn more and pass their exams with flying colors.

7. Print out the needed documents

You and your students will have access to Byju’s education resources whenever you need them, but you might need some hard copies for certain topics. That’s why we have a print option on our website! Just head over to any topic and print out what you need for all of your preferred classes, both private and public .

8. Take notes, draw diagrams, and highlight passages

We have a whole host of tools that will help you create the ideal study space for your students. You can take notes in a notebook, draw diagrams for certain topics, or highlight specific segments on our website. These tools are great for getting students in the right mindset to learn as effectively as possible.

9. Get together with your friends

We have a dedicated Byju’s community where you can interact with other teachers from around the world who are equally passionate about teaching math. You can exchange ideas and best practices while discussing how to help your students succeed. If you ever need advice on dealing with math subject-specific concepts, then this is where to go!

10. Add your own knowledge to the website

Do you have something to share? Then share it with the world using Byju’s education resource. We have an entire section of our website where teachers can showcase their work and help their students in the process. You can include anything from work around a specific topic to full-blown, fully-detailed solutions for certain problems.

11. Refer your friends and get a subscription for free

If you know of friends who would love all the great features we have to offer, then refer to them today! For every friend that signs up and creates an account, you will receive a free subscription worth ninety dollars. It’s our way of saying thank you to the teachers who refer the most people!

12. Make use of our library of resources

We have a whole host of other resources available which can assist in your teaching career. For example, we have hundreds of e-books covering math in-depth and can serve as references for future topics. We also have videos , quizzes , and many more to help students hone their skills even further!


Byju’s education resources are by far the most comprehensive available. They can help you with all your COVID-19 preparations.

The best part? You won’t have to spend a dime! With just a mere free account, you get free access to all the features we have to offer and can learn how to become an effective teacher for life.


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