If you are planning to get into an MBA college, you must have heard about the CAT examination. CAT stands for Common Admission Test is organized by any one of the IIMs based on rotation across the country every year. This examination is one of the most popular examinations in the country and was started by the Indian Institute of Management to filter out students from different business administrative programs across India. It is a computer-based examination where students are judged based on verbal ability, logical reasoning, quantitative ability, and data interpretation.

In this article, we will understand the syllabus of CAT 2022. It is important to note that the CAT syllabus is very generalized. Although we will be discussing the syllabus of the examination, we need to understand that there is no fixed syllabus for it. Mostly, questions in the CAT examination are based on middle school math, logical reasoning, and English grammar topics. Along with discussing the syllabus in brief, we will also talk about various ways in which a high percentile can be scored by any student to secure his or her position in top IIMs.

CAT Syllabus

CAT Syllabus can be classified into three different sections namely, quantitative aptitude, data interpretation and logical reasoning, verbal ability, and reading comprehension. Let us discuss all three sections in detail to understand the CAT syllabus comprehensively.

For the section on quantitative aptitude, we have the following syllabus: number system, LCM and HCF, profit, loss and discount, speed, time and distance, averages, quadratic equations, and linear equations, complex numbers, sequence and series, logarithms, trigonometry, mensuration, geometry, coordinate geometry, permutations and combinations, inequalities, simple and compound interest, surds and indices, probability, set theory and function, mixtures and allegations, time and work, ratio and proportion and, percentages.

For the section on data interpretation and logical reasoning, we have the following syllabus: blood relations, syllogism, binary logic, logic matching, logic sequence, logical connectives, cubes, clocks, seating arrangement, pie chart, Venn diagram, number and letter series, bar graphs, column graphs, line charts, and tables.

For the section on verbal reasoning, we have the following syllabus: fill in the blanks, cloze passage, summary questions, antonyms, synonyms, English usage or grammar, sentence correlation, analogies, reverse analogies, meaning-usage match, jumbled paragraph, verbal reasoning, reading comprehension and, facts, inferences, and judgments.

Ways to Score High Percentile in the CAT Examination

Scoring the 90+ percentile in the CAT examination is not very tough. It isn’t easy either. Students who must be willing to put in a good number of hours along with keeping the fundamentals in check and score a decent mark in the CAT examination. Let us discuss a few things that can be critical for any student preparing for the CAT examination.

1) Get Your Basics Right

As we discussed earlier, questions can be thrown at random to you from anywhere. If your concepts are not clear, you will have a hard time. Sections like mathematics and logical reasoning require concept clarity. Thus, prepare from the basics and make your fundamentals strong.

2) Read a Lot and Practice Gazillion Questions

Practice makes a man perfect. The more you read and the more you practice, you get better at those things. The section on verbal ability and reading comprehension will check your reading capabilities. If you have not honed your speed of reading and solving questions, things can turn up bad for you. Try to give many mock tests to develop speed and a better understanding of the questions that can come in the exam. Regular tests will be taken by them to help you improve your speed.

3) Prepare Your Strategy

A proper strategy is a must to ace examinations like the CAT. A good number of hours should be dedicated to the chapters that you find difficult or confusing. Prepare a proper strategy and keep revisiting it to check your progress.


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