What’s a dub of weed?

Whats a dub of weed is a question you’re likely to hear during your time at college. This blog post will cover the History of Whats a Dub of Weed in Under 10 Minutes. Dub is short for double, as in double joint meaning two joints or two bowls put together by someone who is sharing cannabis with their friend.  It can also refer to the weed itself and not just the act of smoking it. The term “dub” means different things depending on where you are, but can be used to distinguish higher quality weed from that which is average or lower quality.

How does it work?

Dubbing is where you take two different types of weed and combine them together. Some might refer to this as “splitting up”. It is a very popular way of smoking cannabis because it gives you more in terms of the ‘sugar’ (THC/CBD) ratio which can be up to double the amount. The reason that the sugar goes up is because you are diluting your buds with another 

There are however many ways you can dub, depending on how much you want to know or understand about it, which I will get into in some detail below. When dubbing weed, it gets hard for some people after about a minute and for others it never does. This is due to how different people prepare their weed.

How do you get the sugar?

You get this because of how much you filter your weed. If you take a very fine mesh strainer and run it through the weed, it will become more potent which is what the sugar is. This sugar can also be different in potency and flavor depending on what strain of cannabis it is, although this isn’t as common as straight up dubbing due to most people having access to a strain that they like. You might have heard of “roasting” to change the taste of your weed, but I’ll go into that later in the post.

What do you do with the sugar?

Have a play around with it and see what flavors you like. The best way to see 

If you like a strain is to buy some, smoke it, and then have your next joint(s) on the same strain. You really can’t go wrong if you’re doing this sort of thing as it’s impossible to pick something out and say “yuck, this is too strong/weak”. If you’re more of a casual smoker, then I suggest having two grams of weed so that you can taste one every once in a while. Smoking different types of weed affects your perception of weed differently and helps keep things interesting as well.

How do you make the sugar to boot?

This is a part that a lot of people who are new to dubbing don’t seem to know. The way you can increase your sugar content and make it so that it lasts longer is by using a different method of rolling. In most places, if you roll your weed tight enough, then the oil in it will seal up around your joint which will cause the weed to burn correctly. However, if you take too much pressure on your joint, then it won’t stay with the other person and their joint will burn poorly and burn down quicker than yours.

How much do you need? 

This is probably one of the most important things in this whole post. This is going to vary from person to person, so I will give some examples. Three people are smoking weed and they each want 1/10th of a joint. The ideal amount of marijuana you need should be one tenth of a joint. If you smoke 3 bowls in an hour, then a good amount is 12 – 16 gms (1/10th of a lb). If you are doing this sort of thing frequently and don’t want to buy one full ounce every time then maybe you could experiment with it yourself and buy an ounce once or twice, but this is pretty much your limit with these amounts. This gives you enough for about 7 decent joints worth for 10 people then if you are doing it right.

How do you do this?

This is a part that most dubbers don’t like talking about because it’s very basic and easy to learn. The way that you roll a joint is by rolling a cone shape paper, then putting on the weed, and then rolling the whole thing into a cone. Don’t forget to lick the edges of your paper as this will seal your joint for longer than the average person’s joint. If this step is done correctly, then it will last around 10-15 minutes without burning at all. This means that if your weed is pretty weak and you are in college, then you can have someone else smoke it without worrying about them getting high.


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