Ever been to a film screening that’s too loud and crowded? Well, you know what those theaters movies 84120 would look like in comparison to the one I went to for the first time? Quiet and spacious. That’s because when you go out to watch a movie, the expectation is that you’ll be able to hear every word of dialogue. But don’t worry! Here are ten reasons why I love movies (and so should you).

1) People always talk while they’re watching a movie. 

Whether one person or hundreds, people tend not only to talk aloud during screenings but also then share stories with each other afterward. 

2) In the midst of our hectic lives, we have a lot of time to catch up with friends and family at the movies. 

And that’s what makes movie watching so special. Whether you’re with 20 people or 100, movies make for a good place to catch up with friends and family (and colleagues too). Sure, there are no guarantees that everyone will actually be quiet during a film, but it’s nice to know that you can go see a flick with your loved ones without being stressed over the fact that they’ll be talking or texting through it.

3) Movies are full of life-lessons. 

Movies teach us things. Whether it’s about how to behave, what not to do or where not to go, they teach us things that help us improve our way of living. 

4) The best part of watching a movie is when you get to stay late and see another one.

No matter how tired we are, we must go see a movie. We’re willing to battle through the whole night with only one intention – to watch one more movie under the starry sky. This is why we always go out on weekends even if the weather is bad (or cold). If I didn’t feel like staying home, I wouldn’t watch movies – I would do something else instead. But I never feel like doing anything else. 

5) When you go out to watch a movie, you always take a date.

Don’t you think it’s special to go out with the person you love and watch a film? It’s like going on a journey with them (even though it’s only for two hours). It’s just fun! Too bad that I was never lucky enough to get to bring anyone along with me, but then again, I’m quite independent… 

6) You can see movies over and over again. 

You don’t have to worry about tearing the pages of your book just because you want to read it again or even because of its value. You can always go watch it over again. And then again and again. 

7) Movies tell you how to behave in public.

For example, if you were watching a movie with your friends, do you think it would be okay to start a conversation on how stupid the film is? I don’t think so! Movies teach us the right thing to do in a situation and people like to follow the path of good behavior rather than the one that leads us to mischief and hurt. 

8) When you go out to watch a movie, your parents let you do whatever you want even if they find it dangerous or dumb. 

Parents don’t try to limit you. They never say, “Don’t watch that movie because you’ll get hurt”. Our parents just tell us to make sure we’re safe when we go out and they pray for us to make good decisions. True, they do sometimes doubt our judgment or guidance, but they always trust in the power of God. As we grow older, they trust us more and more. And it’s nice to know that we’re trusted with our family’s future and welfare as well.

9) Movies tell you things you need to know but never told before.

Some movies make you laugh, some make you cry, but some teach you things that are very important in life even if they aren’t directly related to the movie itself. For example, I learned love from some movies because those movies made me feel what a person who loves another feels like. 

10) When it comes to watching a movie, people will think of dark places rather than white ones.

After all, we’re used to watching movies in the comfort of our own homes. We’re not used to watching them in the dark and we’re also concerned about getting hurt during the screening. But people will watch movies in places that are similar to those they see in movies.


Movie watching is a great hobby. It’s one that will truly make you feel at home even if you don’t have a home. No wonder people go out to watch movies time and time again.

Tell me your thoughts about movies in the comments below!

I love movies and I think you guys do too! 

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