The surveys that have been conducted on happiness over the last decade or so around the world are overwhelming. They consistently find that people with happy relationships and a fulfilling work life are more likely to report being happy. That’s not too surprising, since a happier life is long believed to be one of the most important components of good health and high quality of life – but why? Who plays baby sully on y&r? There’s plenty of theories, but what makes sense is that happiness is such an innate response to our environment.

1. We want to be popular

Popular people tend to do better in life. They get more dates and are more often hired for better jobs than the average person. Popular people also live longer – or so said a study from last year, which found that popularity is linked to a longer lifespan.

Being popular has many benefits, since it’s linked to good mental health, a feeling of self-worth and something called ‘positive reciprocity’. This is when people value you as an individual and feel like they need to return the favor based on your popularity: make you feel wanted and it comes back to you tenfold.

2. We get what we give

One of the main drivers of our life satisfaction is how well we are liked by others. If you’re liked then you’re happy, but if you aren’t, this can lead to a whole feeling of sadness and unhappiness – just like the old cliché ‘you are what you eat’, popular people eat well and they want to be liked. It’s all about reciprocity, and the best way to get someone to like you is by liking them first.

3. We are happier to be happier

When we’re happy, we want to share that happiness with others around us. In fact, genuine happiness is a contagion. Whether it’s through compliments or honest praise, being happy can spread to others and make them feel happy too. Popular people care about other people and their happiness; it’s part of their social currency.

4. We are popular because of how we make others feel

The way that popular people behave has a powerful effect on their own lives and the lives of those around them: they are seen as more charismatic and confident, which in turn makes them more popular. Popular people are more likely to be admired, which leads to a sense of understanding between them and the rest of their social group.

5. We are happy because we’re happier

People tend to be happier when they’re around other happy people. It’s the same with popular people. They are happier because they want to make others happy, they have more positive interactions with friends and family – so in turn, they feel much better themselves. Of course, everyone likes being around other happy people as well (see point one).

6. Popular people are more likely to be successful because they are always looking for people to help them

The more support you have around you, the more likely you are to succeed. That’s why popular people are frequently found by others for advice and guidance, and socialize with other popular people. Not only does this increase their own happiness, but it makes them even happier when they discover there is someone else out there who shares their desire to help others.

7. Popular people are more likely to be self-starting, because they have no choice

Part of being popular is doing things that attract attention – be it through personal achievements or through giving back to their community in the name of charity. Popular people are more likely to be the first in their family to attend university, get married or move house. Those around them notice the things they do and encourage them to achieve more.

8. Popular people are more likely to be proactive, because they want to improve themselves

Popular people would never stand by and watch other people struggle without trying to lend a helping hand; but instead of just giving advice or listening to others, they’ll try new things themselves. The best way for popular people to get ahead is by making a difference in the world – one way or another.

9. We are happier to have those around us who are happy

The feeling of happiness that popular people give off attracts people who are also happy. The more popular people you know, the more likely they are to also be happy – it’s a performance enhancer. Popular people are also more likely to be positive role models for children, since they seem to make others feel happier and more confident about themselves as well; it’s all part of the reciprocal cycle, as we’ve seen.

10. Popular people like being popular, and so do their friends

Popularity is not just about the recognition that comes with being liked by many. It’s more than that: it’s being happy, and the power that comes with that. Popular people also seem to be more motivated by the carbon tax of being popular. There’s no other way to put it – popularity is addictive, which makes popular people themselves the most popular of all.


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