Anna Lise Liddell has been writing for the past decade and she is best known for her articles about raising kids. You can find her at, where you’ll find articles on how to overcome challenges like bedtime battles, tough love, and teenage angst.

1. She is a mother of three

Her daughter, Anna Lise, was born in 2007. She has two sons as well.

2. She has written for Lifelines for Moms

On her blog, you’ll find information on how to overcome common challenges like bedtime battles and getting your son to talk. She writes about raising kids and she runs the blog Lifelines for Moms .

3. Her writing career began with a blog post

In 2008, she wrote an article about her son’s first day at school and it went viral. It was one of the top ten most read articles on Huffington Post that month! That led to being featured in many media outlets and helped kick-start her writing career!

4. She has a talent for writing

She grew up on a farm and says that her writing experience is influenced by her childhood. She used to love writing and drawing cartoons, but she didn’t think it would lead to a career. However, she got published in 2008 and the rest is history!

5. She has other talents besides writing

If you want to write about Anna Lise, be sure to visit her website. She writes about many other topics as well as giving you helpful parenting advice!

6. She wrote her first book for kids with autism

As a mother of three, she went through several challenges with her children’s behaviors . For her son, who has autism, she worked with an occupational therapist and they wrote a book called Pretending to be Normal: Living with Autism Naturally .

7. She is a great inspiration

Anna Lise is an inspirational role model because of how successful she has been. She aspires to make people happy by writing. Before she became a full-time writer, her husband supported her and the family’s lifestyle by working as a salesman for a major car company in the southern United States. Her advice for other women writers is that you cannot give up on your dream! Even if you don’t become famous, keep writing!

8. She is a proud mom

She has experienced some challenges as her children have grown, but she says that she wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. She says that parenting is hard, but it’s worth it! You can find more parenting advice on her blog.

9. She has created an online community for moms

Her blog has a supportive community where parents can share their stories and get information.

10. She is an amazing person with many talents!

Anna Lise is an accomplished writer who uses her skills to help women deal with mom stuff! She feels that it’s important to remember that you are not alone and there are ways to deal with many of the issues mothers face everyday.

11. She enjoys being part of the writing community

Anna Lise loves being a part of the writing community and she’s a bit of a font fanatic! In fact, she designed her own font called “Copic Town”. You can check it out on her blog.

12. She has many talents besides writing!

She is a dancer and she dabbles in painting as well. Check out her website to see what else she has been up to!

13. She is humble about her career

Anna Lise believes that you should be proud of yourself when you’ve accomplished something. She has also written numerous essays and articles on the struggles of parenting and being a woman. One of the best things about Anna is that she never loses sight of her dreams!

14. She gives back to others with her time and money

She loves being part of a community and she wants to help mothers who need support. She says that she feels especially confident writing for moms because she knows how important it is to be able to communicate effectively with your child.

15. She is a “momma bear”

Her blog focuses on many topics that moms face everyday. She writes about being a mom, such as from her perspective and she also gives advice to parents. She’s been writing for years and she has written a vast array of articles!

16. She is always trying new things

On her blog, Anna Lise calls them “Mommy Moments” where she talks about some of the crazy things she has done with her family. Her website is one of the most popular blogs out there because it’s filled with humorous, relatable content. You can read more about how to deal with your children in stressful situations, such as when they fight or when they start acting up at school.

17. She is a respected writer

Her blog has been featured in many popular media outlets and she’s been an author for Lifelines for Moms since 2012. She loves working with her daughter on her blog and they’ve created a community of moms where they can share their stories and get advice from one another.

18. She is talented in many areas

Anna Lise is talented because she’s had so much success as a writer, especially since it was her dream to become a published author! Her writing career started off strong when she wrote that first article about her son going to school. Since then, she has written for popular major media outlets as well as online sources like Psychology Today .


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