It’s rare to see a person who doesn’t enjoy the celebrity culture of juice wrld’s last words. From the celebrities themselves, we get their famous faces and lives projected on our screens and front page headlines for us to admire. For those of us living outside Hollywood, it can seem like a dream come true (or an impossible goal) when the most famous people in the world live just down the road from you. So what about celebrity-induced culture does so many people love it so much?

Celebrities are undeniably attractive; they have perfect skin and a full head of hair which as regular folk we can only envy from afar.

1. You see them everywhere.

From the checkout at the supermarket to the train, it’s a rare and breath-taking experience to see a celebrity pass by. They’re everywhere and we can’t miss them. We can stare at their celebrity picture on display for hours – for instance, when we wait in line for our favorite celebs or when we look up at their new album artwork on iTunes.

2. Their influence stretches beyond the confines of their industry.

People are dying over who any given celebrity is dating right now (read: who they saw in magazines this week) but what fans would rather know is who they were influenced by in life. If you’re a fan of a celeb, chances are you’ve been a part of the cultural conversation for years and years by now.

3. They inspire us.

Celebrities are great examples to look up to for most things, as Ashley Graham explained in her interview with Glamour: “I always say that I have a lot of non-celebrity friends because I really respect their morals… There’s just nothing like the inspiration that they provide.”

4. We can be ‘famous’ too.

With the rise of social media, everyone can find a place to be as famous or infamous as they want. Some celebrities have also taken to making their own personal Instagram accounts which is pretty cool.

5. We get to be a part of the party.

No matter how far from it you are, celebrity culture is still at your fingertips. The tabloids and magazines are constantly reporting on the latest celeb gossip and we can even follow our favorite celebs on Instagrams or Twitter if we’re lucky enough to have internet access – though in my case, I don’t ask for much at all.

6. They spread positive messages about love and life with every interview they do.

It’s easy to forget that celebrities are just people as they so often appear on the front page. But they’re no different from you and me. To set an example, celebrities are constantly spreading positive messages about love, life and faith in every interview they do. And even when the news isn’t so positive – which is rare – it’s heart-warming to see that celebs can remain graceful in the face of hardship and injustice.

7. We get to be a part of their inner circle.

Being a fan is like joining a secret club whose members are the most famous and talented people in the world. You get to hear about their personal lives and see their behind the scenes moments with other famous friends. You get to hear their opinions on what they think is happening in the world, who they supported in important elections, or which celebrities they were impressed by. By following their posts on Instagram, you feel personally connected to this big community of people all over the planet who can’t wait to hear from them again.

8. It puts us on an equal playing field with them for once.

Celebrity culture feels like a very exclusive club, but with all these different people flooding the television screens and newspapers, we see that there’s a lot of us out there. And when it comes to being an idol and a celebrity, we have to accept that they’re the ones who are amazing at what they do. We can admire them from afar but we can never be perfect enough to be in their inner circle.

9. We feel like we have a window into their lives.

No matter how far away they may be, we can still feel like we have a window into their lives. Fans are privy to their personalities and can even see them in everyday settings like the grocery store or on the beach. They’re not too distant from us, so we feel as if we know them personally and that we’re friends who’ve grown up together for years.

10. We get to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Even though you may love a certain celebrity or group of celebrities (Ashley Graham or Taylor Swift groupies), being a fan is still about showing your love for something greater than yourself. What do you admire about them? Do your favorite celebs inspire you to be a better person? How can you pass that love onto someone else?

The more time you spend watching and dwelling on their online presence, the easier it is to feel like they’re just like us – except they’re that little bit cooler and more famous!


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