It doesn’t matter if you love podcasts or not; if you like Tedx talks with funny quotes about sexiness, this post is meant for you! Slacker Co-founder and TED Curator Rob Reid shares his tips on the 6 best TEDx podcasts of 2022. You’ll also find a link to each talk, though we highly recommend you download them to your phone and listen to them offline.

1. The Future of the Internet

Cathy Pearl, director of the Women’s Conference, and one of our podcast curators, was originally scheduled to speak on this topic at TEDx Cedar Falls. But something happened with her travel plans. A blizzard hit the northeast this week. So we’re going to have her talk from her home in Vermont instead.

What it’s about: There is a serious controversy brewing over the future fate of the Internet. In 2013, a series of government spying scandals saw many citizens calling for more control over their personal data and how it is used by ISPs and companies like Google and Facebook. In the midst of this, officials from various governments who spoke at TEDx are warning about how much we need to protect our citizen’s privacy. Is that all we need to worry about? Or is there more to it?

2. The Future of Food & Agriculture

Ariane Daguin is the CEO of Education for Employment, a non-profit organization founded in 2014 based out of Brussels that helps people in developing countries get and keep jobs. She came to us at TEDx Minsk after meeting us at an education and employment conference in New York City, where she gave an impassioned talk on her journey advocating for opportunities for women and youth. For her TEDx talk, she traveled to Senegal and Ghana, with a plan to take the food needs of 100 million people in need back home.

What it’s about: Many are worried that our agricultural system is unsustainable and that there is a coming “food crisis” in which governments across the world will have to step in and opt out of our free market economy. But what kind of changes would those entail? And how can we get there?

3. The Future of Work

Since 2013, when he was a graduate student at Stanford Business School, David Skok has been working on a project called The Humans Project . His hypothesis is that for entrepreneurs, it is time to stop thinking about the future in terms of technology, and think about the future in terms of people. In this talk from TEDxLondon, he opens up a new field of thought by introducing a framework called The Future of Work , which includes five different job dynamics around which we should structure our businesses.

What it’s about: Over the course of his career, David has realized that our education system is decoupling people (and companies) from the most important resources they need to thrive today: each other and meaningful work. We hope you agree with him when you listen to this talk!

4. The Future of Design

In the final talk on this list, we have a very powerful message from designer and entrepreneur Ashley Zavitz, who was just named a TED Fellows 2017 fellow. She gives an exciting talk called The Future of Design , in which she posits that we are rapidly approaching a time when design is no longer “cool” or “trendy,” but rather essential to our survival. In her words: “‘Cool’ is dead.”

What it’s about: As long as you can make a product with your mind and voice, you don’t need to be limited by your physical body or tools. With this talk, Ashley opens up a world of possibility for designers, for entrepreneurs and for innovators everywhere.

5. The Future of Workforce

This is another talk that comes to us from our podcast curator Rob Reid. At TEDxChattanooga in 2013, he gave a talk called The Future of Workforce . In this talk, he introduced his hypothesis that the future will be filled with new and unknown jobs that we’ve never even imagined before. He’s already starting to see it happen in his own life with the rise of 3D printing and wearable technology like Google Glasses.

What it’s about: In this talk, Rob opens up a whole new field of thought on the future of work. He asks the question “What is your future job? And how do you prepare for it?”

6. The Future of Space

Rob Reid also shared The 6 Best Ted Podcasts of 2025, which include talks on private space exploration, nuclear fusion and where we are headed in the future. You can find recommendations for these talks if you scroll down or click here . We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


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