If you’re planning on heading to Lifetime Florham park this weekend, you’ll want to bring a frugal mindset. The cost of gas and food continues to rise and there’s no telling when the next cost-of-living adjustment will be announced! Here are some tips for spending less while still having a fantastic time.

How To Have A Fantastic Time At Lifetime Florham Park With Minimal Spending :

1. Go To A Lesser-Known Attraction

Many people go to Lifetime Florham Park because it is considered a “premiere” attraction. The downside, however, is that the park is usually very crowded. If you’re trying to save money and enjoy the areas of the park that you haven’t already visited, check out the least-traveled sections of the park. Generally speaking, this means avoiding the attractions near entrances such as “The Fandango”, “The Famous Harlem Globetrotters Arena” and “Bumper Car Pavilion”. The lesser-known areas of the park will be less crowded, meaning more enjoyment for less money!

2. Use Online Coupon Codes

Online coupon codes can apply to practically every part of your trip, from airfare to rental cars. You’ll save a great deal just by doing a little bit of research and effort beforehand. For example, you can save money on gas by using an online coupon code for a particular gas station. The same goes for admission to Lifetime Florham Park; renting a car using an online coupon code will generally get you the best deals available!

3. No Plan Is A Good Plan

A lot of people get caught up in the details of planning a trip and this costs them money at every turn. For example, if you’re looking at renting a car and plan to go sightseeing on the way back, this can mean extra costs like late return fees. By allowing yourself some flexibility and not focusing too much on the details, you’ll avoid adding unnecessary costs to your trip.

4. Food Is Costly

The meal options at Lifetime Florham Park tend to be pretty expensive. In order to avoid wasting money, we recommend going out for lunch instead of eating inside the park! Going out for lunch means you’ll have more options than just the regular sandwich or pizza options available inside the park and you won’t have to worry about food needing to be “finished” since it’s already cooked.

5. Grab Some Souvenirs Before Leaving

If you’re a true fan of Lifetime Florham Park, grab some souvenirs while there. The prices are usually higher inside the park than they are outside, so you’ll save money by buying souvenirs ahead of time and bringing them with you. Just make sure you don’t bring anything too large or expensive! You don’t want your souvenir to be accidentally lost or confiscated during security checks at the airport. If that happens, you’ll be out all the money you spent on it! 

6. Walk

Lifetime Florham Park is located within walking distance to most people’s homes. If you’re not a particular fan of a lot of walking, this may mean extra costs in the form of gas or bus fare. By taking advantage of these free options, you’ll be able to save money!

7. Become A Lifetime Member

If you’re planning on going to Lifetime Florham Park several times per year, then becoming a lifetime member could save you a great deal of money. While the yearly membership fee may seem expensive, it pays for itself over time! Plus, you’ll be supporting an amazing cause.

8. Use Online Coupons For Everything

Using online coupons is a great way to save money on hotels, meals and transportation! There are also some great online coupon sites that specialize in helping people get discounts on entertainment such as Lifetime Florham Park tickets and even Slice-of-New-York pizza! These are just some of the many ways to use coupons while at Lifetime Florham Park.

9. Stay At The Park

If you’re going to Lifetime Florham Park, it would make perfect sense to also plan on staying there. The parks themselves have been adapted to look a bit like a hotel complete with furnishings, kitchenettes and more. The cost of staying in a hotel? Can be less expensive than the cost of admission! We’ve done the research for you, so all you have to do is book your stay at the park!

10. Don’t Go To Any Other Attractions

If you’re not interested in seeing anything else, then don’t! You can save a great deal of money by only going to the park. In fact, if you go to Lifetime Florham Park and nothing else, we think you’ll be just as happy with your trip! Don’t feel pressured into doing anything differently than what YOU want to do. Don’t let a desire to have a “fantastic time” at Lifetime Florham Park dictate your every move.


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