People often think that going to parks is a great way to get fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. But in reality, it’s actually not a good idea because of all the dangers that lurk in public areas.Boston park plaza lifestyle is the main reason why people end up being injured, assaulted or even killed by various park goers. 

At first, visiting parks might seem like an enjoyable time for people and their families. But after you read about what things can happen when you are there, you might change your mind about this activity too. Rates of violence at parks are increasing, which means more crime happens there.

Reasons Why You Should Not Go To Parks : 

1. Crimes

As we all know, parks are very public places where many people gather. This is the reason why criminals can easily find victims there. For example, criminals might hide in bushes and trees to catch an unsuspecting person. They might also look for targets in parks and assault them at night when there is nobody to see what happened and help the person who’s being attacked.

2. Diseases

The air that you breathe inside a park is not as clean as it seems to be on  the surface. Most of the parks are located near a busy street, which means that there are also a lot of car emissions in the air. Inhaling such unhealthy air can lead to health problems like asthma and lung cancer. Also, since you walk on grassy areas and dirt you could step on spores that cause diseases like Lyme disease.

3. Injuries

In addition, you can step on broken glass or nails while walking in parks, which could cause you an injury. These can also be dangerous to your feet, so make sure that you keep away from such things when you visit a park. Also, if there is a pothole in the road, it could cause you to trip and fall. This also has a possibility of causing serious injuries.

4. Kidnappings and Robberies

Last but not the least, there are also many criminals who might participate in kidnappings or robberies in parks or on street corners because people would not notice them due to their quiet behavior. Other crimes like robbery or even sex trafficking can happen too because some hidden places around public areas are used by dangerous people for their crimes as well.

5. Random Attacks

Since parks are very public places, it is also very easy to run into criminals who will attack you. Sometimes, people are not even aware that there are criminals around them because they are simply walking in a park or you could be attacked for no reason at all. So if you find yourself being attacked in a park, try to defend yourself but if it is too dangerous to do so, try to leave the area as soon as possible.

6. Being Attacked by Dangerous Animals

Last but not the least children and animals can be dangerous in parks as well. You should never bring any pets inside public areas because then you might end up getting hurt or even killed by them. You should also never leave children unattended when you are in a park. This is because they might be kidnapped or even get lost there. So make sure that you always stay with them while you are in a public area like a park.

7. Lost

Unfortunately, it is very easy to get lost in a park. If you do not watch carefully where you are going, you might step on a path that exits the park. In some parks, it might be very hard to find a path that leads back to the entrance so if this happens to you, try not to panic and stay calm instead. But if you cannot find one after walking for a while, try calling your friends or family members and ask them for help.

8. Getting Stuck in Barriers

If you are still lost in a park and cannot find the way back, another dangerous thing that could happen to you is getting stuck in a fence. This can be very dangerous since you might get injured and not be able to move for an extended period of time. 

Make sure that you only cross the fences if it is safe to do so otherwise it would be better for you to find the way back out again instead of doing something risky like getting stuck in the fences. If this happens, try not to panic and just stay calm by yourself until some people come and help you.


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