Every few weeks, a new development in the world of Penn cinema showings in our inbox. Sometimes it’s a better seat to be had, other times it’s an increased ability to buy tickets altogether. However you feel about this recent initiative, that the University has taken on the matter of film attendance and entertainment is noteworthy. Trevor Lawrence fantasy football team names are always a pleasure to read and we commend him for his efforts. Let’s take a look at some recent Penn Cinema news.

According to the University’s Off-Campus Student Services, the University is considering “extending hours for select shows and permitting students to buy tickets in advance.” The paper goes on to say that the aim of this partnership with off-campus movie theaters is “to introduce students to movies that both excite the senses and stir their passions.”

Latest Developments In Penn Cinema Showings :

1. Increased hours for select films

As of now, tickets for Penn Cinema movies are available for on-site purchase with cash only. If you go to the Movies Penn site, you’ll see a list of all current Penn Cinema offerings. The hours and ticket prices are listed as well. This is useful information if you’re planning ahead; however, it’s usually much more convenient to buy your ticket at the theater a few minutes beforehand. 

This new initiative appears to permit this in the future, as Students will now be able to buy tickets online and print them off in advance. Selected films will expand their hours and showings so that students can consume more culture with this newfound convenience.

2. The ability to buy tickets in advance

Other than being able to get more tickets, “this program will allow students to secure tickets ahead of time and purchase them on the spot as long as there is availability.” This means that you can purchase five or more movie tickets in advance for a much discounted price. This could also mean increased ticket sales at the theater itself, which would increase revenue for the theater’s owner. It is unclear just yet what new movies will be offered under this program, but those that have been featured thus far include both “The Great Wall” and “War Dogs,” and the John Miller-directed “Straight Outta Compton.”

3. The benefits of this new program for Penn Cinema

For Penn Cinema, this new partnership means increased revenue for the theaters, and thus an increase in the funds available to acquire future showings. It also means that students who’ve been frustrated with the hassle of buying tickets at the theater will be able to buy them in advance. For this reason, students should expect an increase in movie ticket sales over time as more people realize just how convenient it is to buy them online. However, there are always those people who prefer to buy tickets at the theater itself. Recently a Reddit user asked for opinions on Penn Cinema and its popularity among students. One commenter replied: “I’ve never bought tickets ahead of time because I like going on site.

4. The drawbacks of this new partnership

The drawbacks of this new initiative are two-fold. One, there are those people who prefer seeing movies on the big screen. They’d be mad if their movie coming out were suddenly shown in a smaller theater with less seats, fewer concessions and fewer amenities. There’s also the fact that outside of the four or five theaters that Penn Cinema partners with, there aren’t many places to go see a movie. Those four or five theaters represent about fifty percent of all local theaters and showings. In other words: If you’re used to going to one theater for most movies you see, now you have to go to a different place for half of them.

Also, if you want to see a movie very close to where you live, most movie tickets are sold out in the first few minutes of the show. Penn Cinema tickets are usually on the longer end of this spectrum. Some theaters do have rush ticket sales early in the day or else popular movies sell out almost immediately. However, these are usually only for specific shows and there are often a number of fantastic choices people can still see by getting an advance ticket. 

However, if you can’t be bothered to plan ahead and there’s no availability, it may be a good idea to go to the theater on site. If you don’t need to buy five tickets in advance and can wait until two p.m. on the day of the show, you should be able to get a ticket within thirty seconds of walking onto site – but only if there’s availability.

Penn Cinema is a great program for students who want to see movies that excite their spirits, but also for those who want an excuse to get out and see some amazing movies that don’t interest them otherwise.


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