Bozeman Movies is the premier venue for the presentation of professional and independent films in Bozeman, Montana. Bozeman Movies screens a diverse mix of contemporary and classic films, shorts and documentaries – all with a focus on quality storytelling. 

Our schedule includes documentary features, independent, foreign, shorts, classics and national productions.

Bozeman Movies is proud to be the only cinema in Montana devoted exclusively to showing documentaries – with an emphasis on promising new voices.

Those filmmakers are often too small for box office success at more traditional venues, but they work consistently to tell important stories that need to be told.

There is a long list of facts you never knew about bozeman movies.

We’ve assembled 7 facts about Bozeman Movies that you may not know.

 From the best seats in the house to our donation program, we hope these fun facts will entice you to come see us soon!

1) Reserved couches :

The couches in our lobby are reserved exclusively for movie-goers who want to wait before heading into the theater. You can reserve a seat in our movie theater for any show playing at the time you wish to attend.

 Couches are spacious, comfortable, and well cushioned. The program allows you the opportunity to arrive at the theater 5-15 minutes before your selected show time. We’ll be happy to hold your reserved couch for you, so you can have the best seats in the house!

2) Best seats in the house :

We are the only “house” with an auditorium that has seats that are reserved exclusively for our customers. Our auditorium is designed to be enjoyed by every single person who comes through our doors.

 We also have plenty of general-admission seating – ask us about special pricing for groups of 6 or more people!

3) A movie for every taste:

From the sexy comedy of “Magic Mike”, to the philosophical drama of “Margin Call”, our movie theater has something for everyone. 

We are proud to have one of the most diverse programming schedules in Montana, with a mix of contemporary and classic films, shorts and documentaries that will appeal to every taste. 

We plan to screen real movies with real stories by real people. Our top priority is quality storytelling – not just in the movies we feature, but also in the customer service we bring to you with each visit.

4) Bozeman Movies is about more than just movies:

In our effort to bring you the movies you want, we’ve also designed a program that allows us more flexibility in scheduling. 

You can watch more independent and foreign films, and watch more of the classics and shorts that make film festivals so much fun. 

When we started Bozeman Movies we knew we had to become a part of the community in order to be successful. 

We may not be a non-profit theater like Bijou Cinema or The Roxy (both in Missoula), but we do work with non-profits who may need fundraising opportunities, community outreach opportunities, or educational opportunities for students and teachers.

5) Expert care for all of your tickets:

When purchasing tickets online, or at the theater (see details below), there is only one box office that you’ll need to visit – ours! At our box office, we take care of everything so you can enjoy the experience of seeing the movie without any stress whatsoever.

6) Don’t wait: showtimes and tickets:

Bozeman Movies is open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day; we host one showing each day at 2 p.m. And can donate tickets to nonprofits.

Bozeman Movies wants to help non-profits function better. 

We’re happy to contribute by offering groups of 10 or more tickets at a discounted price (we also offer free screenings for educational purposes).

 That means that any non-profit organization that participates in community development can screen a movie at Bozeman Movies and ask their members to attend, with the incentive of a discount on their tickets.

7) Local movie industry connections:

Bozeman Movies has a relationship with the local film industry – through our programming, local filmmakers can easily gain exposure to audiences that are seeking unique content.

 We are working very closely with our friends at the Montana Film Office to bring you great movies that are not being shown elsewhere.

 We have worked with Sundance to present “One Week”, which was their first-ever TV series, and were lucky enough to screen “Harpoon” for the Red Rock Film Festival in 2013 where it won Best Picture.

 Other notable Montana premieres have included “The Bad Women” (a documentary about the power of women in Montana), “Public Relations” (a documentary about non-profit marketing), and “Big Sky.


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