CryptoFinances has seen a lot of community members flip crypto coins on the back-end in order to get a little bit of free exposure. Although we think this is an excellent strategy, we’re going to explore some other ways that crypto investors are exposing their coins that you may not have thought about. Hungry bear crypto is an excellent example of an intra-Basen coin flips (and they’re not alone). Cryptos are one of the newer and more sophisticated investment vehicles that have come up in recent years. They are a digital currency used for payments on the internet where people can also use them to keep their digital assets safe from hackers.

It is second only to the world’s oldest profession. No one can deny that there are a lot of people who have yet to discover the crypto market, and are willing to trade their coins for free exposure. This happens on many crypto exchanges around the world. Why would this be a problem? It’s not. The more exposure crypto has, the better.

The theory is that you get to expose your coin and everyone will want it because it has free exposure when what happens is that you may get some people to buy it just for the free exposure, which is considered as an excellent marketing technique. But have you ever really thought about how crypto uses this technique for exposure? Let’s explore some of the many ways in which Crypto investors expose their coins in order to get much needed exposure!

Five Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Crypto Is Using This Technique For Exposure :

1. Pre-Funding

Pre-funding is one of the more common ways that investors will expose their coins in order to get some much needed exposure. Many times, if you want to launch a new token and have insufficient funds to cover it, you may need to raise capital through an ICO. This means that people donate money before the company is even created.

Many people who believe in the coin will pre-fund it so that they can eventually buy these coins at a lower price once it becomes available for sale. Let’s assume that you want to hold 1000 tokens. You might want to pre-fund this in order to get 200 tokens at a low initial price, and then wait for the coin to become available for sale.

2. E-Wallet Pledges

This is one of the most common ways of exposing crypto coins. People will use the cryptocurrency wallets on their mobile phones in order to pledge coins in advance so that they can either earn some extra interest or even just buy other crypto coins that may be on sale at a lower price due to market concerns. This is especially true for charities and fundraising campaigns, where investors are often very generous as well as loyal in forming communities around a given cause.

3. ICO Tokens

Ethereum has had many blockchain-based projects, which will be creating tokens and offerings. These coins already have a built-in audience, so they can easily sell their coins to investors who are interested in crowdsourcing in order to raise capital for their businesses or simply do it for profit. 

Many investors are doing this due to the fact that they can earn large amounts of money by investing in certain pre-ICO tokens that become very popular. If you’re an investor who wants to get more exposure, then investing in an ICO is definitely one way that it can be achieved without fail!

4. Private ICOs

There are certain Private ICOs that are not publicized. These are sold to investors only. Normally, investors must already be in a network of someone who is willing to invest in a particular ICO. The investor will often pay high prices for the right to invest in their ICO or even early access to their pre-ICO token offerings. 

In many ways, it’s almost like an exclusive club – and you must be invited! This allows the investor to take an inside position in something that everyone else is clamoring for because there’s a very limited supply of coins on offer, or at least limited amounts of tokens. This can really help you gain some exposure with your cryptocurrency portfolio.

5. ICO Airdrops

Airdrops are considered to be the most effective way of exposing a cryptocurrency. The ICO will provide many people with free tokens in order to get the word out about a given ICO project, and these tokens will often become available for purchase on exchanges in the near future. There’s no reason why you can’t do this!

This is just one of the many ways that crypto investors are getting exposure by exposing their coins. The truth is that you don’t have to be an investor or even own any coins to take advantage of this promotional technique.


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