The company Elaut Silver Token is working to change the way we bet on sports and other events with their cryptocurrency elaut coin. In this article, we’ll find out what Elaut Coins are, how they work, and what the rest of the cryptocurrency world thinks of them. The article has been written with the help of Karmela and is owned by Elaut Silver Token.

Elaut Coin

The first thing we need to define is what an elaut coin is. Elaut Coin (ELAC) is the digital currency of the elaut betting platform. It’s one of the many cryptocurrencies that will be used in the online betting industry. But unlike other cryptocurrencies, Elaut Coins are a proprietary cryptocurrency, which means they’re not based on extant open source code like Bitcoin.

 The name “Elaut” may also raise some eyebrows — it comes from the words “elation” and “Autism”. According to their website, this is because they wish to create a feeling of elation when betting. On the other hand, the name also refers to how Elaut is betting on “Autism”, by creating a game where people can win in spite of their condition.

How It Works

The elaut platform works in the same way as any other online betting website. You will be able to register at, create a gamertag, choose a language and begin using the platform immediately. The difference between it and other sites is that it is focused only on sports betting and features of its own cryptocurrency system (elaut coin). 

When you have an active account, you can deposit money into your wallet with cryptocurrencies and then proceed to start betting. In the future, they plan to add more cryptocurrencies and will accept bets in traditional currencies like EUR and USD.

Sports Betting

The feature that sets Elaut apart is its sports betting. You will be able to place bets on all the major events of the year, including football, tennis, basketball, motorcycle racing and many more. In addition to this, they also have a game called “VIP CLUB”, where you can bet directly against other users in real time with different odds. 

The game is played by choosing different paths/scenarios in a virtual gambling scenario and predicting whether it will lead towards winning or losing for yourself. You are then matched against another user who has chosen the opposite path. 

The winners will be paid out different amounts based on the odds of each scenario, while the losers are not penalized. This is a very innovative way of betting and will definitely be an asset to the company.


The first 1,000,000 coins will be created at the moment of purchase for a rate of 0.01$. The number of coins sold at this price is about 10 million. The remaining coins will then be distributed for free to lower price levels as explained below. 

They have detailed their pricing plan in more detail on their website and you can decide whether or not you find it reasonable for yourself. The distribution of coins can be seen here:

The Sale Of Elaut Coins Has Already Started

The elaut coin sale began on June 1st, 2017 and will last for a year. During the first week of its sale, they were offering up to 15% bonus. The remaining period will offer a total of 0-7% bonus, depending on when you purchase your coins. Each purchase is limited to 0.8 BTC (Bitcoin), which according to our calculator comes up to around 8400 US dollars.

Who’s Behind It?

Elaut Silver Coin is a company from the UK. They run other online businesses and wish to expand their portfolio by adding cryptocurrency betting to the list. The team consists of four people, many of whom are experienced in IT and business.

 Some of the experience included being a part of some well known companies that provide programming and other support services for various browsers, operating systems, search engines as well as other online projects.


Elaut Silver Coin is one interesting project that will undoubtedly gain popularity among gamblers due to its unique features, such as real-time betting against other users. You can already try out the platform at, but there will be no physical presence until 2018.

 The team behind it have a solid background in the IT industry and they are eager to offer the first online sports betting platform that has its own virtual currency. This creates a whole new market for them and will definitely help them gain more popularity.

 It’s a good project that definitely deserves some attention, at least until their actual launch in 2018. The company is going towards this with an open mind and so far we have found them to be genuinely interested in the community and willing to work hard for it.


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