Virtual staging has been around for years, but many people have never heard of it. It’s true that virtual staging isn’t new, and its popularity has grown exponentially with the growth of the internet and technology. Furniture designer salaries are often higher than what most people would guess. Generally, virtual staging companies start out small, but they often grow quickly. For a long time the majority of virtual staging companies were based in Europe or the UK. Most virtual staging companies in North America focused on North American clients, but this is changing. 

As students learn how to design furniture and as schools participate in furniture design contests, both domestic and international clients are asking for more than just country-specific designs.  If you’re familiar with other virtual services offered by companies such as Shopify and Squarespace , you already know that these companies offer products that provide an online presence for a business. They streamline business processes and allow businesses to sell their items directly from the internet (think Amazon ). Virtual Staging does the same thing for furniture designers. 

Virtual staging companies help clients demonstrate their work to potential clients, and they also create an online presence for their company. When clients look at a designer’s portfolio, they will see their workspaces just as the designer designed them. Clients are more likely to make offers of business if they can visualize what the designer needs and where each piece will fit within the firm’s workspace. The virtual staging team ensures that each piece is placed properly within the space (often referred to as “virtual furniture”). Virtual staging companies also work with interior designers, architects, and other companies that need real-world spaces built around furniture designs.

5 Things Nobody Told You About Virtual Staging :

1. Virtual Staging is Not New to Some People

Many people in North America are familiar with virtual staging companies because some of them started out in the US or Canada. The majority of virtual staging companies began in Europe before branching out to other parts of the world. Virtual staging doesn’t have an end date because the technology has been around for years, but it is growing very quickly. 

Many people are familiar with virtual reality, which is similar to “virtual staging” only that technology was not available years ago. Virtual staging allows designers and business owners alike to create spaces that look and feel like real living spaces without ever actually setting foot on a construction site or a real office space.

2. Furniture Designer Salaries are on the Rise

When your furniture designs are featured in virtual staging projects, you will receive payment for your work. These payments can be anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the size of the project. As you continue to provide your services and increase your portfolio, you will receive more and more money for your work. 

If you are currently studying furniture design, then enter as many contests as possible with both national and international organizations. This will allow you to create a great deal of exposure that will eventually lead to many opportunities in virtual staging projects worldwide.

3. Virtual Staging Focuses on the United States and Canada

Most of the virtual staging companies that focus on North America are located in the US or Canada. However, as more people learn about virtual staging and as more designers seek to create a strong online presence, this will change. More people are working to make virtual staging an important part of their career. 

In Australia, there are already a few companies that focus on interior design because real-world interior design is becoming more popular worldwide. Since virtual staging has similar goals (to create a “real-world” experience for clients), it is only logical that more designers will want to participate in this growing industry.

4. Virtual Staging Companies are Often Small

Virtual staging companies are small businesses that are often run as a part-time venture. This is not unusual because most top-notch interior designers work long hours in order to meet their clients’ needs and deadlines. Many virtual staging companies stay small because they operate on a small team. 

The fewer people involved in the team, the less overhead the company has and the more time there is for each member of the team to focus on each client’s project. Renting space also costs relatively little, and it is easy for clients to see exactly where their project will fit into the design office.

5. Virtual Staging Companies Have Many Products to Offer

As mentioned previously, virtual staging companies offer services that help clients develop their own online presence and build a beautiful interior design office. Virtual staging companies work with interior design offices, furniture companies, and other businesses and organizations (both large and small) that need space designed around the various pieces of furniture that they have on hand. 

For example, an architect’s office can transform an empty space into a beautiful office without the need for a construction project. Reclaimed wood and metal desks are available from both high-end designers as well as designers that specialize in “off-the-shelf” items. In addition to furnishing offices for interior designers, virtual staging companies create offices for architects.


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