Your bathroom is a reflection of your personality, tastes and budget. When you remodel or design your next bathroom, don’t forget the decor!

Minimal bathroom counter decor can be a little tricky. There are many styles and trends to choose from, and it’s one of those rooms where you can go all out or keep it simple. Speaking of keeping things simple, let’s have some fun with the basics!

If you’re looking for ideas on what to do with your bathroom design next, here is a list of five essentials that will help you get started. Go ahead, give yourself an upgrade!

#1) Remember the basics

Good bathroom decor starts with a little common sense. Keep the lights on and make sure that you have enough shelves to put your toiletries securely out of reach of curious hands. Place a small trash can underneath the sink since water is always dripping from somewhere and it’s easier to clean up spills beforehand than after. Get rid of any clutter that’s taken over your counters, especially toothpaste tubes. Finally, use different colors for paint, towels, and anything else you need in your bathroom so that it feels like home rather than an extension of some other part of your house (i.e., it will function better).

#2) Know your scale

If you are remodeling your bathroom or building a whole new one, you have to decide what scale to work with. Are you going for a plain and simple look, or something that’s very modern? Maybe you want a beach house look with lots of coral and blue tiles – whatever floats your boat. When it comes to color, know the damage that it can do to your skin so that you don’t end up with shower doors full of soap scum. Who knew cleaning tubs could be such a job! If you have a small bathroom, use light colors and if you have a big bathroom, use dark colors. Always choose bright or neutral shades as they will make your room feel larger and lighter. Use plenty of mirrors – they are not only pleasing to the eye but they’ll help you avoid accidentally banging into anything (which can be painful!).

#3) Think about lighting

One of the easiest ways to improve your bathroom decor is with lighting. Proper lighting makes everything look more pleasant and welcoming. Imagine walking into a restaurant that only has candles for lights! You would never say that was well-lit. Here are some tips for you:

– Choose lights that match the color of your walls. Choose no more than three different colors, preferably around one main color such as white. This way, you won’t have to flip switches when you want to use the bathroom at night.

– Darken the room a little bit at night to make it feel more secluded and private.

– Give your bathroom its own light switch so that when people come into your room for the first time, they will not have to fiddle with controllable lights.

– Choose a dimmer switch for your lights to give you more control over the brightness.

#4) Paint it right

The right paint can make all the difference in your bathroom decor, especially if you are trying to line up the color of your walls with other parts of your house or rooms. Here are some tips:

– Choose an accent wall instead of painting the entire thing to avoid painting this wall twice.

– Choose an accent wall in a warm color and use one or two warm colors on other walls for visual balance and contrast.

– Use light colors on the ceiling and walls so people can see easily from one room to another without bumping into anything.

– Use dark colors for the floor so that you don’t trip over anything.

– Use the same color for your cabinets, counter tops and some part of your flooring and tiles to unify all parts of your bathroom.

#5) Decide on a theme

You can use certain elements to give your bathroom a room makeover! If you have white tiles in your bathroom, then decorate them with eye-catching patterns or drawings that are in strong colors. You can create one wall full of patterns or create squares on different walls; this way, it will look like wallpaper. You could also do an interesting ceiling with shapes such as stars or arrows.


Use the five basic tips mentioned above to create a bathroom that you will feel comfortable using and that others will appreciate for years to come. Be creative and have fun!

If you have a painted or polished wood shower, you can hang wall-mounted art that matches your wood colors to make it feel more like a gallery. For your bathtub and fixtures, choose warm colors – think orange, brown and red – to ensure safety.

Experiment with patterns and colors in your bathroom and see how it makes a difference! Not only will you still have plenty of space for storing all the toiletries in such a small area, your next decorating adventure will be much easier.


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