What are iru mugan songs downloaded?

Iru mugan songs download is a record label by Sony Music Entertainment India, which was established in 2006. Iru mugan is the name of a fictional character in the Indian Tamil action film Vikram Vedha. Iru Mugan Songs Download creates and distributes various music albums.

The records of the label are not only focused on music but also has an emphasis in bringing out all the albums that are produced in India, so that they can be distributed all over the world. It also has a presence in other different genres like bollywood, Tollywood and even Hollywood movies. It is also gaining popularity for bringing out Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam audio music.

Iru Mugan Songs Download was established in 2000 and was run by a group of entrepreneurs from South India. The operations were then taken over by T-Series who started the R&D department for movies and audio production. This enabled Iru Mugan to get a name within the music industry that it already had in Tamil Nadu.

What is the purpose?

The sole purpose of the label Iru Mugan Songs Download is to provide direct distribution of music to the customer. There was a lack in India of direct-to-customer CD operations, which led Iru Mugan Songs Download taking up this responsibility. It also provided an opportunity for independent musicians as well as small labels, who would otherwise not have been able to afford any other means of distributing their music.

Who are some famous musicians and groups from Iru Mugan?

Some of the most famous musicians from Iru Mugan include:

Sivamani and Darshan Raval are on board with this company that has many other talented artists as well like Shankar Mahadevan etc. T-Series is a part of the label. It manufactures music for movies and audio albums, which Iru Mugan has absorbed. The company also produces music for various cinema projects in italy, Europe and other parts of the world.

These are their four artistes : 

Shankar Mahadevan, Shreya Ghoshal, Kenny G and A.R. Rahman have been on board with this label since its beginning and are currently (still) part of it.

How did Iru Mugan Songs Download come into being?

The formation of Iru Mugan Songs Download came about in the year 2000. This label was set up with the intention of bringing out all music produced in India and also to bring more music from budding artists, who needed more exposure for their talent. With a view to fulfill this aim, T-Series took over the business of Iru Mugan Songs Download. The label started off primarily as a distribution company for Tamil music. On the other hand, Hindi music too was distributed under this label.

What is the main objective of the label?

The main objective of this label is to distribute all Indian music and CDs freely without any form of obstruction or hindrance from any party.

How is the budget spent?

The funds that are available are managed by the chief executive of the company and are used only to bring out and distribute CDs of Indian music. All costs that exceed what is provided in this budget, must be taken up by the label itself.

Iru Mugan Songs Download has outlets in Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. The other Australian cities along with New Zealand too have Iru Mugan outlet stores and catalogues in them. In addition to these, there are more than 600 Iru Mugan Songs Download outlets spread over the country which sell different types of music albums as well as related products such as cassettes, mp3s and much more at low costs. The company has also collaborated with various other websites that have been set up by their artistes, who have brought out their own sites. The products sold include music albums, cassettes, mp3s and videos related to movies that are being filmed in India and around the world. Some of the artists on board with the company include Shankar Mahadevan, A.R. Rahman and other popular musicians and groups.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage of this label is that music CDs of different artists are available at almost every outlet in the country. The prices that are charged for the album or the cassette differ from one area to another. This provides the opportunity to customers to be able to get various types of Indian music at a low cost.

Why is it such a hit?

The main reason for this label becoming so popular among music lovers alike is due to the fact that there was very little availability of more than one type of Indian music up until Iru Mugan Songs Download came about. Iru Mugan Songs Download is a label by Sony Music Entertainment India, which was established in 2006. Iru mugan is the name of a fictional character in the Indian Tamil action film Vikram Vedha. Iru Mugan Songs Download creates and distributes various music albums.


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