You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Pot Belly restaurant

If you think that would be too outlandish of a title, at least believe the following facts. Pot Belly is a popular sandwich shop in Columbia, MD. PotBelly menu consists largely of sandwiches and burgers, but they also offer breakfast options with staples such as pancakes and oatmeal.

Pot Belly has opened two locations in Baltimore which are now closed. Not only did it fail to replicate the same success as its other location, but it was forced to close due to high turnover rates because of low wages provided by the restaurant. This restaurant may have been luckier than others because they managed to find funding for another store outside of Maryland where its business has thrived ever since opening this location in April 2016.

Bizarre truths behind pot belly are:

1. The company has been sued on several occasions. 

One of the most notable lawsuits was filed in 2008 against Pot Belly in California by an employee who was working as an assistant store manager. She had a termination contract that stated that if she should be terminated without cause, she would be paid one week’s salary for each year of service, on top of statutory notice and severance payments. This assistant store manager alleged that she was terminated for not meeting sales goals that her superiors set for her, even though it was only four months into her three-year employment period.

The assistant store manager won the case and the company not only ended up paying out over $170,000 in damages to the plaintiff, but also significant attorneys’ fees.

2. This sandwich shop takes its employees hostage.

In order to get rid of its employees who don’t meet the company’s sales goals, Pot Belly will actually lock them in the restaurant at closing time so that they can’t leave until they pay for the food they ate during work hours. This is a common practice according to several former employees who have reported it. Pot Belly actually defended itself by saying that this practice was a lot less costly than paying out workers’ compensation benefits, unemployment insurance and vacation pay.

3. There have also been complaints about this sandwich shop being hit-and-run with customers’ cars before and after business hours.

Pot Belly has had a history of car accidents that have resulted in damages to customers’ vehicles. The company will pay the deductible, but the customers have to go through one of its insurance providers that is part of its corporate structure. The company explained this practice by saying that “it has terms in its contracts allowing it to pass on liability claims to its business associates.”

4. Pot Belly also owns a furniture store.

Not only does Pot Belly run a sandwich shop and an ice cream store, it also owns a local furniture store where it seems like some of its former employees might be working because they are reporting problems with the same employer. One of these problems is the fact that it doesn’t provide health insurance benefits to its employees. In 2014, Pot Belly was also forced to settle a lawsuit filed by the Maryland Attorney General on behalf of a group of former employees who were not paid for all their hours worked. Pot Belly ended up paying $50,000 in fines.

5. Pot Belly has also been sued for racial discrimination.

If you thought this restaurant couldn’t get any worse, it has been sued by a group of African-American former employees who claimed they were victims of racial discrimination and harassment by their coworkers and supervisors on account of their race. In the lawsuit, a racial slur was written in permanent marker on the employee’s time cards which was left for at least three years. The federal court also stated in its decision that Pot Belly failed to create and enforce an effective anti-discrimination policy.

6. Pot Belly has been a regular on the list of Maryland’s most expensive restaurants over the years.

In 2016, Pot Belly was ranked as Maryland’s most expensive restaurant and also one of the top 10 in the U.S., as per a market research report by OpenTable. Not only did it cost $12.99 for a single burger, but it also cost $24.99 for a half slab of ribs. Just to give you an idea, this sandwich shop is more expensive than many other restaurants that offer healthier alternatives such as fruits and vegetables and organic ingredients.

7. Pot Belly has been sued on several occasions by employees claiming they were harassed on account of their age.

In 2013, Pot Belly was taken to court by employees who claimed they were harassed on account of their age when they were fired with no notice after working at the restaurant for close to two decades between them. The company ended up paying out $50,000 in damages to settle the case out of court.


These are just some of the bizarre truths behind Pot Belly that have come to light in recent years. After reading them, you may think twice before heading to this sandwich shop even if your wallet is empty.


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