Northpoint movies has been around for over 100 years and is one of the most popular movie theaters in town. It has brought in many historic moments and great films, but nobody cares about Northpoint Movies anymore. The theater went from having a steady flow of people to its doors to just a few customers looking at the cinema’s old wallpaper with glazed eyes.

In this article, we will explore some of the possible causes for the lack of interest in Northpoint movies. We will also discuss how we might be able to revive this once-popular theater back to life with a little help from us.

1. The Theater is Old

The theater is old, in fact it doesn’t even have an air conditioner. On many occasions the temperature in the theater has even climbed up to 100 degrees. Many people like to pay their fees, grab some snacks and then leave without bothering to watch any movie or just stay for a few minutes.

Northpoint movie theaters only have a few movies on the schedule each week and there has been no recent updates for those few current movies. This has caused the theater to lose a lot of its previous customers who once used to come in and watch old classic films back in the theater’s history.

2. They Don’t Know the Star Wars Trilogy

Northpoint movies aren’t very well-known for showing Star Wars. The theater isn’t satisfied showing all 3 trilogies of Star Wars and so has kept its love for Star Wars to just the first trilogy. Many other movie theaters know the story with all 3 parts of the trilogy and have been trying to show all three of them in their schedule but Northpoint movies has not yet succeeded in doing so.

3. There are Fewer Moviegoers

Finally, it is not a surprise why people aren’t interested in Northpoint movies and that is because there are less moviegoers these days than before. This can be caused by many reasons, but one of the main reasons is because Northpoint movies don’t have any new snacks and people tend to get bored of seeing the same snacks over and over again.

4. We Can Get Famous Together

Northpoint movies used to attract big crowds of people, but nowadays it has been left with very few customers compared to before. All it takes is a little more promotion and help from us, we will be able to restore Northpoint movies back to its former glory with a new audience of moviegoers.

5. They Have No Extras

In recent years, many movie theaters have gotten rid of their old extras because the people paying to see a movie don’t want to be disturbed by being rudely greeted by an extra. Northpoint movies are no exception and are quite rude at times when it comes to giving out its extras. There are no movie theater shows like they used back when they were first built in cinema.

6. They Have Rejected New Films

Northpoint movies often reject new films that have been shown in other local movie theaters. This can be because these films are too hard to fit into the old schedule or that they are not good enough to be shown on this old theater’s schedule.

7. We Can Work Together

Northpoint movies doesn’t have a lot of new movies that go into their schedule and this is the main reason why it has lost the support of its customers. It has a few movies going on but nobody cares to watch them anymore because they are old and boring. Working on this project can help us restore Northpoint movies back to its former glory by filling their schedule with more new and exciting films.

8. The Theater’s Schedule is Outdated

Northpoint movies doesn’t update much on their schedule because they don’t have many new films being released in recent years, so they are stuck doing nothing but showing old films instead. Theater has refused to update its schedule back in the 2000s, which caused an uproar with the community. 

9. We Can Work it Out

Northpoint movies is a very small movie theater and is run by a group of snobbish people who are only concerned about money and nothing else. Although it needs a lot of help we can work it out if we try to come up with new ways of improving this theater in order to gain more support from our community.

10. We Are Nothing Without You

We have tried everything we could think of, just so that Northpoint movies could continue running, but all have failed because the theater didn’t want to accept our help anymore. We are nothing without the help of you and with each passing day Northpoint movies are slowly dying without any hopes of coming back. You can help us save Northpoint movies by signing this petition so that we can restore it back to its former glory.


In short, the main reason Northpoint movies has been left behind is because of its lack of interest in showing new films and popular old classic films as well. As a result, they have lost a lot of their previous customers to other movie theaters who are showing more popular and modern films.


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