Lannach is the mayor of lannach . A sum of wisdom and cunning, she is a force to be reckoned with. 

A born politician, her most recognizable traits are her charisma and tough attitude.

She is an extraordinary person who can conjure up assistance in times of need- even if that assistance came in the form of asking someone to fight for them!

She has proven herself both shrewd and strong by standing for what she believes in, even when it comes with consequences.

She has shown character and skill by not waffling on her beliefs; she shows great leadership and strength by pursuing her beliefs. 

She has shown strength and tact by disarming and faring well against those who continue to support the corrupt system that allows political corruption.

 She has shown confidence and determination through her unwavering focus towards bringing progress to lannach.

She is known for taking good care of her citizens – she makes sure that if there are any issues that need to be addressed, they are addressed promptly.

She has shown great confidence in her own abilities – eager to get involved in something new and exciting. 

She has proven herself to not shy away from conflict; in fact, she often rises above it because even if she cannot make any progress in one direction, she always can make progress in another direction.

She has shown strength and intelligence by running for reelection in lannach, she has shown focus by not exposing herself to attack. She has shown cunning and wit by using the law to her advantage.

She has shown intelligence and skill by not acting too aggressively – she has done nothing wrong, yet, she is still treated as if she has. 

She has shown bravery and resolve by not backing down from those who threaten her.

She has shown confidence and respect by letting others know when she disagrees with them; she shows compassion by trying to help those who are struggling, whether it’s through words or actions. 

She can be tough when necessary, but she shows great compassion for her people; if something needs to be done, it will be done in the best way possible.

Powers of mayor of lannach :

1. She can nominate and approve laws in the city of lannach :

(a) She can only nominate a law if it has been researched, and then she can work to get it passed.

2. She can give orders to the police in lannach :

(a) In case of a riot, she can order the police to use tear gas or guns to stop the riot.

3. She has control over all administrative issues in lannach :

(a) She has control over all traffic lights, speed limits, street cleaning; she also has some control over public toilets and libraries etc. 

But these are controlled by staff members of lannach city council (hereafter called LCC).

4. She can fire LCC officials:

(a) She can fire anyone in LCC. However, she has to give a written and verified reason for the firing and then LCC must confirm that it is true.

 Mostly this is done when someone is corrupt or inefficient at their job.

5. She can issue pardons :

(a) This involves not only pardoning criminals, but also people who are convicted of crimes in other countries where Lannach is not recognized as an independent nation. 

This type of pardon allows them to travel freely in lannach without being arrested by the police, 

but it doesn’t grant them citizenship – they still have to apply for citizenship in order to receive it.

6. She can make any request :

(a) This is used by the mayor to request help or assistance from any other country or organization, etc.

7. She can make declarations :

(a) This is used by the mayor to make announcements, invitations, greetings, etc.

8. She can host events :

(a) This is used when the mayor wants to host an event for citizens of lannach (ex: musical concert, food festival). 

She hosts these events at no cost to anyone because it’s her job as mayor to promote lannach and increase tourism in it.

9. She can make emergency decisions :

(a) If the mayor considers a situation in Lannach to be an emergency, she can order LCC officials to take action in that situation. 

This is used when a major problem occurs in lannach that requires immediate action.

10. She can protect lannach from danger :

(a) This is a power that only the mayor has- she can use it whenever she feels like something dangerous may threaten lannach.


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