It is hard to find a place where to farm deep sea satin , but there are some places that do provide it. You can head on over to Triton Avenue and farm for it. 

There is also the Aqua Road and you can collect as many as you want from there as well. 

You can also farm at the Deep Sea Research Lab and you will be able to farm at the Deep Sea Research Laboratory in town. It is located in Eagle Harbor.

If you have a fishing ship, head over to the Barren Ocean and do some fishing. You can find them around there or on some reefs.

 Remember though, it is recommended that you have more than one deep sea fishing ship so that you can fish for other things besides deep sea satin. 

If you do not have any fishing ships, then head over to the Deep Sea Fishing Platform on the north west part of town near where some of those sunken ships are located. You will be able to catch as much as you want from there as well.

If you want more information about deep sea satin then please read on below: – Deep Sea Satin is an rare ore that can be found in open water around the coasts of Satorl Marsh after defeating a Dire Miralis.- Each piece of Deep Sea Satin can be refined into 100-125 satins by using a furnace.

Here are the places where you can farm deep sea satin :

1.Tritonia Avenue – 

This place will give you a lot of satin for each run you should farm a lot first before crafting a satin suit as this suit can be used as a body armor and because this suit is very rare and expensive, you should try to save it for future use rather than using it as armor in battle.

Please note that there are lots of ways in order to get the deep sea satin that will not involve combat, but these methods require lots of time in order to gather the item in bulk amounts.

 As for this problem, the fastest way in collecting the item in mass is through defeating enemies in battle.

2. Triton Avenue –

 Need to complete the main quest and then you can farm here. – As you head through Triton Avenue, you will be able to find the spots where the ore is located. 

This place will give you a lot of satins in just one run. You can do it time and time again if you have enough satins to craft the equipment that you want.

3. Aqua Road – 

Need to be able to use mirage armor in order to access this place. – A good place for farming satin in mass is by going at Aqua Road during night time when there are no monsters to spawn in this area. 

You can farm here for as long as your inventory can hold because there are no monsters wandering around in this area at night time so it is safe for farming purposes.

4. Merman’s Habitat –

 You might find deep sea satin from those monsters there as well. 

5. Phylactery seashells – 

You can farm them here, but obviously people can not nor are willing to go there . 

Only very few brave players are up to the task of going there with a nautilus, looking for them and then trying to find a place with no place to run away from if they get unlucky. 

The best way you can do it is through aqua roads with a nautiloid or something with their ability to fly .

6.In the water around Gaius mines –

It is a bit far from the city but if you have a boat or something that can stay underwater it should be a breeze to get there and mine some satin.

7. In the water around The Great creature camps –

While it is said that fishing does not give any satin at all, some people have experienced getting stains from there, whether you do the same or not is up to you.

8. The ocean floor in Western Long Island –

It is said by some people that if you go underwater and grab it, you can farm here. 

Whether or not this is true or not now has no way to tell, but I would recommend you to try it out at least just to see if it works before moving on.

9. In Southern Cross Isle. – 

A lot of players claim that the satin they have gotten from here is most likely from the water, but like the rest of locations, it is up to you if you want to take a chance and try out this location.


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