The best AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY is just that: the best. An AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY is not just a party, it’s a celebration of life. It’s a time to laugh and cry and dance with friends. It’s the happiness you wanted for your birthday, but never had before.

1. Where is the best AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY?

Here’s the thing about parties. When you’re at a party, everyone is looking at everyone else. You’re not looking at each other. So having an AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY isn’t just about where to hold it, but how to make it a place people want to be.

How do you make your AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY the best? By bringing people together. The more people, the better. And the better it is, the more people will want to be there.

2. How many people do you need to have the best AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY?

The answer is ten (10) or more. The more people you have the better, but ten (10) will get you started. The first person has a birthday coming up and wants to pay for everyone’s meal. So he invites nine (9) friends to have dinner with him at his favorite restaurant.

3. Bigger isn’t always better, where do I hold my party?

It depends on what kind of party you want it to be. If you want it to be a big fancy affair, you’ll need a big fancy place. But if you want it to be a more intimate dinner, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for the best and biggest place in town.

You will pay for the best and biggest place in town if that’s what you’re into. But if you want your AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY to be fun, not stuffy, then look around your home. Think about how many friends and family are there, where they are all coming from and where they are going after the party is over. And play around with it until everyone is happy.

4. Will it be a private party or open to the public?

It’s all up to you. A private party is usually for just your friends and family, but if you’re hosting a big event for your office, think about inviting everyone and putting it on Facebook. You don’t want to get lost in the mix, so make sure everyone knows what it is before you go.

5. What kind of food do I serve?

You can do a nice sit down dinner or go out with friends and enjoy casual, fun food from a local diner. Whatever you do, make sure there’s plenty of different food on hand so everyone can pick what they want to eat.

6. How do I get my guests to have the best AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY ever?

By setting a fun mood for your AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY. The best way is to start with lots of different types of appetizers and drinks. Make sure everyone brings their favorite dish so you have all kinds of food to choose from and everyone can eat what they want, when they want it.

Make sure the music is playing loud enough so everyone can still talk, but not so loud that no one talks at all. And put lights that change colors up in the room and if there are any funny decorations you’ve been saving, now’s the time to use them.

7. Let’s talk about the birthday boy or girl. How do I make the AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY fun for them?

The best way to make an AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY fun for anyone is to have a great time yourself. You want everyone to be having as much fun as you are, so when you’re ready to leave, don’t drag everyone out the door. Let them stay as long as they want and then when it’s time to leave, take turns getting hugs and kisses from everyone.

8. Where do I spend my birthday night?

After your AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY is over, go home and enjoy it with your friends and family. But if you’re having a big party, let the guests go out without you and leave the birthday boy or girl to celebrate in peace.

9. Have fun planning your AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY. 

The best time to plan it is before the day it happens. Download this week’s trivia questions.

10. Did I miss anything or have questions?

I sure hope not, because that’s why you’re here!


The best AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY is one that everyone will have a great time at, and enjoy their birthday. It’s the best party because you have the freedom to have a smaller or larger party, whatever you want. The more people you invite, the better your AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY is going to be. And before you invite people, think about what kind of food and music will make your AL SHARPTON BIRTHDAY PARTY fun for everyone.


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