What is target jamming technology?

Target jamming technology is a system that is intended to prevent the operation of a radio-frequency receiver. This text will examine what people got wrong about target jamming technology and how it works. Before diving into all that, let’s go over what target jamming technology actually is. Target jamming technology is a system that tries to prevent the operation of a radio-frequency receiver from working, preventing the use of it by an unauthorized person or entity. The system does this by producing an interference pattern with an amplitude that exceeds the energy capacity of the receiving antenna, effectively cluttering up their frequencies so they cannot be received properly.

The way to tell if a system is really doing target jamming technology is by observing the receiver’s tune select (left) and receive (right) indicators. If you have an antenna that can see the signal, see what happens as you tune in that frequency with the ctrl-f10 keyboard command. If they change to two different bars of reception, it is effectively jamming that signal. These receivers are intended for use on a variety of radios, so if you want to know what range of models your radio can be used in, do what we did here: Use a ham radio scanner and tune around on different frequencies until you find one that sounds clear enough to use.

What is the use?

Target jamming technology is useful for a variety of different areas. The most common uses of target jamming technology is to jam radio-frequency guided missiles from locking onto a specific signal. They are also used to prevent people from using a device on their own frequencies or to prevent two or more people from having contact with each other without one party knowing about it. These are the most common uses, but that does not mean that target jammers cannot be used for other purposes as well.

How does it work?

The frequency range intended by target jammers varies depending on the type being used and the purpose it was designed for. The type of target jamming technology that will jam frequencies lower than 60 MHZ is intended as a blanket for radar-guided missiles and works by changing the pattern of frequency ranges that the missile looks for so it cannot lock onto the correct one. The frequency range from 60-650 MHZ is intended to prevent people from having any contact with each other and works by getting itself between those communicating so that neither party can hear or talk to one another, thus making communication impossible unless the person using a target jammer does not interfere with communication between these two parties.

What are the features?

There are two major features that a target jammer must have to be effective. The first is the ability to hold a signal steady in some manner, such as keeping the signal on until it is changed again. This can be accomplished one of two ways: either having an extremely short beginning and end to start and end with, or having a constant frequency that holds its signal until turned off by the operator. Either way will work fine, but either option should be able to be done by someone who has basic knowledge of electronics.

The second feature is being able to tune out any radio signals that are intended for radio-frequency receivers. This is vital to prevent any radio from working properly, and without it, the jammer will not be able to do its job. Another way of viewing this is that each receiver requires a certain amount of energy for a certain amount of time in order for it to work, and if it does not receive that amount of energy, it won’t work. This means that target jammers should be able to prevent anyone from using them.

The need for target jamming technology should be obvious now. Jamming radio-frequency receivers without causing them any damage would result in everyone who had one being able to get stronger signals than they ever could before (if they could hear anything at all). Target jammers that work by causing radio-frequency receivers to break are much safer and better, as they cannot cause any harm to the people using them or to their devices.

What are the problems?

The most glaring problem with using target jammers is a legal one. These devices have a tendency to have a lot of power behind them in some cases, and if not used correctly, can cause interference for other citizens, especially when it comes to TV channels that are in use by cable companies. This is extremely bad news for anyone who watches TV and has a problem with target jammers being used near them because their reception may be blocked or altered. This can also cause problems for cell phone reception as well, but if a target jammer is used to prevent someone from calling you, they can just call you again anyways. 

The only time this would be of any use is if the individual doing it was able to prevent you from seeing that someone was calling, in which case the cell phone jammer would get rid of your problem. The other issues with using target jammers is that they are frowned upon by many countries inside and outside of Europe due to the fact that they can block out frequencies that some people might need, such as those who serve critical functions with their radios. 


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