Nothing beats being outside and jumping your hearts out on a trampoline for a child’s entertainment. But unfortunately, traditional trampolines fall far short of expectations in terms of safety and functionality.

Springfree Trampoline has done everything right where other trampolines have failed. So what makes them stand out from the crowd? Here’s everything you need to know:

What Is It?

Springfree trampolines were designed to address the safety issues that standard trampolines have. Although there are safety rules in place, manufacturers are clearly in business to generate profit and not keep children safe.

It all started when Dr Keith Alexander, the developer of Springfree, wanted a trampoline for his daughter, but his wife disagreed, stating trampolines were too unsafe. But, like any good father, Keith is determined to find a safe way for his child to jump.

That is how the world’s first safest trampoline was invented.

To know more about this product, below are the specific characteristics provided just for you.

Unique Features

  • Soft Border

The trampoline’s border is stronger than the middle, yet it’s still soft and yields when jumping. This safety zone takes the place of a traditional mat and is 30 times more shock absorbent than standard pads. It will still feel like a trampoline at the edge, but with all of the safety and protection, you require for a safe jumping adventure.

  • UV-protected and Weatherproof

Springfree is weatherproof and UV treated to help keep your trampoline in top shape for years. Traditional nets have no UV protection and can shred and fail because it is a sensitive material.

  • Flexible Net

The exterior enclosure net that protects you is flexible and can withstand a fall against it. When your jump gets a little crazy than intended, this prevents and gives a cushion. In addition, falling jumpers are directed back to the middle of the mat by the flexible net, allowing them to return to playtime safely. This net keeps you safe and secure, but it’s also a lot of fun to jump over!

  • Springless

They are referred to as springless because of their unique characteristics. A trampoline’s edge is free of metal springs that might catch legs, fingers, or other body features.

Traditional springs, even with a cushion covering them, can be dangerous. Springless trampolines use well-functioning complicated rods instead of regular springs to deliver bouncy movement eliminating unpleasant impact. The hooks are likewise located beneath the trampoline’s jumping area rather than at the netting’s edge.

  • Unrecognisable Steel Frame

The steel outside structure of the trampoline is located beneath the jumping area and cannot be touched or damaged while jumping. Therefore, you won’t be able to crash into any frames, springs, poles. 

  • Zip-fastener

The zipper on traditional trampolines is easily torn. However, with zip closures on both sides, Springfree’s zipper is strong and of high-quality. The front side is quite narrow, and there is very limited space to fall through it. Therefore, it is a lot safer for your children.

  • Easy to Jump

Instead of using springs, rods provide light and easier jump that is less painful on joints.

Jumping will now be easy and fun with the help of a Springfree Trampoline. It will assure you that you are safe, allowing you to smile, laugh, and be joyful.


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