If you don’t know what Duplichecker is, here you will find detailed information about Duplichecker and its different tools. After reading this post, you can learn about the different services offered by Duplichecker and how you can earn money by taking help from this website. Duplichecker is undoubtedly one of the most legit and reliable sites you can find online. So you need to collect information about it!


Duplichecker is one of the most authoritative websites indexed on Google today. The site first started as a standalone plagiarism checker resource. Still, over time it has changed and become much more advanced. Today, Duplichecker is famous for its reliable plagiarism checking features and because of hundreds of other tools that it offers for free to its users. 

If you are a newbie who has never heard of Duplichecker before, you should know that this site is home to the most brilliant and reliable plagiarism checker and dozens of other seo related and user-friendly tools that can help you in different fields of life. If you want to learn and earn money with the help of Duplichecker, you need to know about some of the specific tools and how they can help you earn. 

As we have told you before, there are dozens of tools offered by this website, but you must know that not all of them can be discussed in one post, nor can they help make some money. This is why we have only listed the top options here!

Tools by Duplichecker that can help you earn money!

Here are some of the popular tools that can help you earn some good money while working remotely:

Plagiarism checker for proofreading 

The plagiarism checker by Duplichecker is one of the oldest tools on the web. Its Plagiarism detector can be used to scan raw text and document files for duplication errors. The tool exists in both free and paid versions, so all kinds of users can use it. Now you can use a plagiarism tool for personal use or earn money with it. You can start your plagiarism checking service. Use this tool and check plagiarism of all types either intentional or unintentional. You can charge as much as you want from your clients as this tool promises you accurate and reliable results. It also gives the grammar checking facility along with the plagiarism tool. In this way, you can earn money from clients for the complete proofreading of their documents.

Paraphrasing Tool – For rewriting content

People who have no expertise in content writing are always looking for agencies or freelance writers who can work for them at a low rate. Well, you should know that with this website’s paraphrasing tool, you can make serious money by working as a writer. It doesn’t matter whether you have content writing skills or not. You can copy content from the other websites and make a new version of it by using its online paraphrasing tool. Its online paraphraser is free to use and can help you generate as many articles as you want without any restrictions. You can make good money by providing services as a professional content writer or Paraphraser!

Reverse Image Search for exploring images 

The reverse image search by Duplichecker is another utility that you should know about. This tool helps you search by images and image URL to find similar images or results related to the input image. You can use the reverse photo search for free for your personal use and provide professional image searching services and get paid with this tool. If you have access to this reverse photo lookup then you can easily:

  • Search similar images
  • Identify people, places, and objects on an image
  • Find image plagiarism and copyright issues
  • Find catfish and fake accounts on social media
  • Creating backlink opportunities by finding sites having relevant images

Backlink Checker/Generator & DA Checker for website auditing 

You can easily earn money by selling out backlinks to different websites. Not only can this, but you also charge money from web admins for providing them with a complete website audit. You should know that the free backlink checker by Duplichecker can help you check the backlinks of your website as well as your competitor’s websites. And its backlink maker helps you find the best links for the domain address you have entered in the tool. Duplichecker doesn’t only find relevant links for a site. Still, it also provides you suggestions as to what kind of links should be removed or replaced from a website. 

These are some of the top-notch tools offered by Duplichecker.com that can help you earn money while working as a freelancer!


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